Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catching up .....


You still there?

I hate that I just can't blog regularly - I'm off work today and thought I would catch up and make a dedicated effort to blog more than just once/month {or less} - BUT - this blog is a place for my family and friends to keep up with us, and especially since we've moved - I really do need to keep up with it. So now that I'm back in my blogging groove, it's time to play catch up:

Let's start with our escapade at the North Georgia State Fair! There were several country music artists playing, but the only one we could get to was Jake Owen.

His show was great and thanks to Big Daddy - we were able to get into the meet & greet after the show. A twitter friend was able to hook us up to tickets to the State Fair **side note: the friends I've made on twitter is BANANAS! A lot of girls are local and I'm actually having lunch with a great friend (that I met thru Twitter) TODAY!

Anyway, here is proof I got to get 'up close and personal'

My sister and I decided the night would not be complete without some fair food. She got a fried Snickers bar -- oh yeah, you read that right - a FRIED Snickers bar - and it was RIDICULOUS. SO YUMMY. I got my standard candy apple.

It was a fun night and I enjoyed the time with my sister!