Monday, April 27, 2009

COuntdown to the Dominican ....

This suit came today:

and it just reinforced that I REALLY need to get some sort of base tan before we leave for the Domincan Republic. I would have 'modeled' the suit for you, but you all would have sued me because you were blinded! It actually looks a LOT cuter on than this picture. I've never owned a white swim suit before, but it's lined in all the right places and will look cute with the beach hat I got at Publix -- oh yeah, you read that right -- only in Florida can you get a BEACH hat at PUBLIX!!

But the suit -- OH it's so cute. My man loves it -- and really, that's all that matters, right?

Just because......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'd like to buy the world a Coke!

During our trip to Atlanta, I took everyone down to the Coke Museum.  We were going, really, because it was better than sitting around the house all day.  It was a gorgeous day and hard to believe it had snowed just 2 days earlier!  We went in, watched a cute movie about what happens when a quarter goes into a Coke machine and then when we walked outside, there was the Coke Polar Bear.  Needless to say, Princess took a mad dash for it, all the while this is what Wild Child did:

Not scared at all - here is Honey cracking up because Wild Child wouldn't get off the bear! 

The bear IS cute - he was making all these hilarious facial expressions.  Not your college mascot, that's for sure!

Me, WC and the Bear ~ because God forbid I get a picture on my own!

This is Honey and me out in front of the Coke store with the beautiful Atlanta skyline (or some of it, at least) in the background!  This was after I made Honey go back into the store and return the pen that WC stole and right before he announced he had to go 'pee pee'.  

This was definitely a fun trip.  Honey and I kept saying how we couldn't believe how much fun we had!  The 4-D movie is a TRIP!  My niece was FREAKING out and I just sat there and laughed, because I'm mean, but then Princess started freaking when the 3D dragon fly came zinging right up to her face.  Oh my goodness, y'all ~ it was hilarious, BUT they both survived!  

I certainly recommend this if you ever go to Atlanta - cheap and a good 2 hr diversion!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A modern day shopping trip ...

While I was in Atlanta, I did my typical shopping trip to the mall.  They have all the same stores we have here in Florida, but for whatever reason, I always find stuff here.  PLUS, their Macy's as IN STORE CHILD CARE!!!   HALLELUJAH!!!  You can keep them in there a max of 2 hrs at a time, 4 hrs total.  BUT - you can't leave Macy's .... UHHH RIGHT.  Honey and I went as far as we could and don't you know that pager went off (because SOMEONE had to go to the BATHROOM) and the ladies can't leave they childcare place, so you have to take them.  I was FREAKING out they were going to be watching me come back in the store and then ask me "Did you leave the store?  What took you so long?" .... but they didn't.  

Here's Honey with all the kids ~ and Wild Child trying to make a run for it ....... 

Hellllllooo lovah -- my one and only purchase of the trip!  BUT I got it 50% off -- STEAL!

OK, so we had to kill some time before the child care place opened, so we walked around Macy's.  We went up stairs into Juniors and there was this mannequin.   I told Wild Child to stand next to it and I would take his picture -- this was his pose.  The staff was LESS than thrilled but whatevah!  We were having fun.  

Then as we were leaving - we saw this dude.  Wild Child immediately jumped in and posed like this -- then said "WAIT WAIT" and turned and grabbed the carrot .... I was ROLLING!!!    He is SO my child!!

More to come tomorrow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am CHEERED out!

We spent the weekend in Daytona at a cheer competition ~ lots and lots of fun! The girls came in 3rd place this time, but we were thrilled with their performance. We were able to get it on video, however, they were so crazy about letting us get close, so the video is as good as it gets. HOWEVER, it is the whole squad. You will see where a couple stunts come down (hence 3rd place) but all in all, after everything we've been through this year with the gym (original owner took everyone's money and left, girls were not given proper attention to stunting, etc etc etc - we now have a NEW OWNER and we are thrilled thrilled thrilled!). SO with that being said, here is Kennedy's final cheer competition for this year. She is the one in the very back that runs over (it's totally easy to spot her b/c she is the only one moving at the beginning) and then she is the 2nd stunt group from the left (this is where they do a handstand and go on the base's shoulders and then up into a full extension - VERY cool) and then after that, she is the first stunt group on the left for the remainder of the routine.

It goes without saying that I am immensely proud of the girls. Kennedy is the youngest on the squad and really shouldn't even BE on this squad (age and no back handspring). However, the older girls have treated her like a little sister and she loves it and they love her. It has been so wonderful for her and a good experience (now that we have a new owner). She has matured leaps and bounds since being on this squad and she is excited for next year. The owner asked me if she was coming back b/c they were counting on her being a flyer and trust me, my girl takes her job VERY seriously.

Kennedy is 2nd stunt group from left ~ she's on the top!

Kennedy is on the end - far left

The only thing that happened that REALLY sucked this weekend was when a Mom from a competing team walked past all of our Moms and said "THAT -- was BAD" ... and I was like "WOAH, wait a minute, what did she say?" and I'm telling y'all, it took everything for me not to take my earrings out and confront her, BUT that wouldn't be very sportsmanlike. I fumed for a good 10 minutes but then realized I was letting it get the best of me. This was also the same Mom that when our stunts dropped, she clapped her hands and smirked. I was thinking VERY un-Godly things at that moment because I COULD. NOT. BELIEVE a mother would display that kind of behavior - right there in front of God and everybody. BUT, their team came in 2nd -- I'm just sayin' ..... I did send an email with my name SIGNED to the email (because I HATE anonymous crap ... seriously, if you have the nerve to post a nasty comment, send an email, etc - then have the nerve to sign your name!!) ... and just said that I thought what she did was uncalled for and very unsportsmanlike, that a lot of people heard/saw her actions and maybe they may want to say something during a parent meeting. I doubt it will go anywhere, but I withheld going 'all redneck' on her and just sent the email.

*** ETA: I received a very nice response email from the owner of the gym. She took full responsibility for the parent and apologized profusely. I feel better now.

Have a great Monday everyone ~ I promise to get back to my regular posting!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am participating in a FUN swap of my favorite things!! Mamarazzi is
hosting this one and only accepting 100 bloggers - so hurry up and
head over!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Y'all know I love a good giveaway.  Super cute bloggy friend, Lauren, is hosting a giveaway for her 100th post!  Lauren lives close by (well, within decent driving distance) so we are hoping to meet up sometime SOON!  She is adorable and such a faithful young woman!  I have enjoyed getting to know her and can't wait to meet her in person!!

So head on over and send her a big CONGRATS!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What I learned on "THIS" vacation

  • If presented with the opportunity to take your BFF's very mature, 14 yr old daughter with you to Atlanta b/c your husband can not go with you - TAKE IT.
  • Getting up at 4:00 AM to head to Atlanta is not as bad as it sounds, you will miss all the Atlanta traffic (which isn't saying much).
  • You can function and drive just fine as long as you have a cold Coke in the cup holder
  • Calling your nieces and telling them you are about 30 minutes away as you are turning into their driveway is FUN ~ and hearing them shriek when they realize you are there is even better.
  • As soon as you walk in the door of your sister's house, see her comfy couch and sit down 'for just a minute' - you will wake up 2.5 hrs later feeling refreshed.
  • Going shopping with 4 kids is a badddddd idea, but good for the wallet.
  • Going shopping and finding out Macy's has a 2 hr child care drop off is AWESOME.
  • Going shopping with 4 kids, dropping them off at Macy's with 2 hrs to shop child-free, and then seeing the Coach purse you've been wanting for months ON SALE 50% off -- PRICELESS!!
  • Spending the day in the hospital with your Mom, sister and brother is not as bad as it sounds.
  • The Lord can show up in the darndest places ....
  • Having lunch with your sister and brother is good, really good.
  • The Georgia Aquarium is crowded, but very very cool.
  • Having friends that will drive 3+ hours to see you is an unbelievable blessing ... and makes my heart feel good.
  • Wild Child will pee in your sister's front yard (did I mention she lives in a fancy-shmancy neighborhood), all the while holding up his hand to me and my sister, proclaiming "It's OK ~ I'm a child"
  • Wild Child will run his little heart out in a FENCED backyard (hence the phone call to the fence company upon return to get estimates -- we NEED a fence!)
  • Wild Child will put his hands in every fountain he can find in Pemberton Place
  • Wild Child will steal a pen from the store at the Coca-Cola museum
  • The security guards and staff at the Coca-Cola museum will thank you profusely for returning said pen and say "We have so much stuff stolen from here daily" ... nice.
  • I will inappropriately laugh at my daughter during the 4D movie at The Coke Musuem -- a dragon fly (she is TERRIFIED) comes to the screen and gets close to your face, then it pokes you in the back -- remember it's 4D.  She LOST.  HER.  MIND. and I laughed at her.  I can't help it -- minor character flaw.
  • Wild Child will announce he has to go pee-pee and then stop to pull his pants down .... on the lawn at Pemberton Place.  Thank Goodness my BFF's daughter was there to jerk him up and stop the madness from ensuing!
  • A peach margarita from La Bamba is so. good
  • Getting up - again - at 4:00 AM to head HOME is not as bad as it sounds
  • Stopping at QT to get an ice cold Coke, as well as 2 energy drinks is not as scary as it sounds, especially when country boys getting their boat gassed up to go fishing are in the store to talk to you and ask you "What in the world are YOU doing out this early?" ... yes, I was the only girl in the store and yes, they opened the door for me when I was leaving .. I love the South!
   And finally ~

  • NEVER, EVER, EVER PROCLAIM "I can not believe we have not hit a lick of traffic!" - when you are just an hour and 1/2 from home ...... you. will. hit. traffic.
Pictures to come ... PROMISE!

He IS Risen!

Happy Easter, dear Friends!

I love today ~ I love celebrating that Jesus died for our sins and was RESURRECTED!! After the week I had, I have never in my life, felt so convicted, so LOVED, so overwhelmed by the grace of OUR GOD!

This song is amazing. It is a 7 minute walk through the Bible ~ explaining what Jesus "IS" in each book - it's incredible. Our worship team sang it last night at church and it was SICK!!!! I was ON MY FEET ~ but couldn't raise my arms b/c the neckline on my new dress would not allow me. It was funny actually.

Happy Easter!! Enjoy your day with your loved ones!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hmmm, just when you think you know ... you have no idea ..

Shawn at SERIOUSLY tagged me in a meme ~ can someone please tell me what MEME stands for?? This will be fun and take my mind off all the CALAMITY from being with 4 children 24/7 for the past 3 days ...

Here we go!

8 Things I Am looking Forward to:

1. Getting home to a clean house ....
2. Starting the "30 Day Shred" workout ... I really am looking forward to this!!
3. Going to the Coke Museum tomorrow
4. An adult only vacation to the Dominican Republic with some of my dearest friends!
5. Going to Leslie's wedding in Memphis in May ~ have never been to Memphis and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with my sister!!
6. Going to my ANNUAL RITZ GIRLS weekend in July ... this is my third one and I can. not. wait (Dang, I sound spoiled, don't I?)
7. Getting a pedicure
8. Getting out of debt - we are SO CLOSE!!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Went to the hospital to be with my Dad (and Mom!)
2. Had a much-needed lunch with my twin sister and little brother - it was GREAT!
3. Witnessed the hand of God HEAL
4. Bought an amazingly cute Easter dress
5. Laid around in my snuggy, resting in complete comfort and amazement of how dramatically different the day COULD have gone
6. Watched "Real Housewives" with Honey and then the preview to "Real Housewives of NJ" ~ this one is going to be the BEST ONE EVAH just b/c of all the dramaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
7. Blogged and gave a much anticipated update on my Dad's surgery
8. Crashed out in my niece's bed that was unbelievably COMFORTABLE!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Install a Fountain Coke machine in my house
2. Have a lifetime membership card to Chick-fil-A so I could eat there for free or heavily discounted
3. Be more confident in my singing .. I'm not a bad singer, but I want to be more powerful singer and not be AFRAID to 'let go'
4. Paint -- I'm not talking paint as in paint a wall, I'm talking about paint a picture
5. Constantly keep my house clean - I'm definitely getting better
6. COOK!!!
7. Run .... I tried to run once with a girlfriend who IS a runner and I had her convinced I was going slow b/c the song on my ipod was slow. She ran the 2 miles up and picked me up on the way back ...I thought I was going to die. I looked like Phoebe from "Friends" - y'all remember that episode?
8. Keep a tan .... I give the Cullens a run for their money

8 Shows I Watch:
1. Greys Anatomy
2. Private Practice
3. Brothers and Sisters
4. American Idol
5. Real Housewives of New York
6. Millionaire Matchmaker
8. Dancing With the Stars

I love reality shows ... I can't help it. It appears that I watch tv all the time, but I don't. I tivo a lot of stuff and watch it at night - late at night. I have sleep issues and really function off about 5 hrs sleep ... any more sleep than that, I can't function. It's weird, I know, but whatevah.
OK, I don't normally tag people b/c I don't know how, but I'm going to try this time. I am going to tag some girls that I ADORE in a blogging stalkerish kind of way .....

2. Lauren at The Fletcher Family

3. Amanda at Life with the Ledfords

4. Rachel at pink-leopard-print

5. Maitland Mommy at What Do You Mean, It's Due Today?

6. Megan at Pretty in Pink Megan

7. Chris at Just Beachy ~ she has the most AMAZING interior design work .. she has inspired me to do several things around my house.

8. Lauren at Walk with me on this Journey called Life ~ she is ADORABLE ... I hope to meet her soon!!!

Have fun!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Healer ....

I am in SNOWY Atlanta, Georgia --- yes, you heard RIGHT ... it FREAKING snowed here today. UGH!!

Anyway, I am here because my Dad had ANOTHER surgery to remove a mass from his colon. Six yrs ago, my Dad was rushed to the hospital with what he thought was a flare up of an ulcer. It turned out to be a ruptured appendix that had been ruptured for 12 days!! That itself is a miracle. While the doctors were removing the appendix and spleen and whatever else was messed up, they found the reason his appendix ruptured. My Dad had a tumor growing all in his lower abdomen and it was now in his liver. He was not expected to live.

Dad went through intensive rounds of chemo, all the while never losing his hair. He had 60% of his liver removed. He was declared 'cancer free' shortly after that and went about living his life. In 2004, after a routine colonoscopy, the doctors found a 'suspicious' spot on his colon. The 'plan' was to go in and remove the spot as they were SURE it was just 'leftover' cells from the surgery in 2003. I'll never forget calling my Mom after my final doctor's appointment before Wild Child was born. I asked her how Dad's surgery went and she said "Well, tell me how your appointment went" -- I knew this could not be good. When the doctors opened him up to operate, the 'spot' was a tangerine size tumor that was growing from the outside in, and was unable to be operated on b/c it was encapsulated in blood vessels. He would bleed to death if they tried to take it out. I have never been so devastated in my life -- but I will tell you, this was the beginning of several trials in my life, that I believe the Lord was running after me, trying to get my attention. It worked.

Dad proceeded with more chemo and after a while, the doctors decided they couldn't do anymore. However, miraculously, the tumor had shrunk to manageable levels and sometimes wouldn't even show up on scans. We deemed Dad a 'miracle' and again, went on with our lives, praising our God for giving us our Dad a little while longer!!

Last April 2008, Dad was experiencing some pain and I'm not really sure why, but had his kidney checked. 90% kidney failure and never even knew it. What was causing the kidney failure? Another freaking tumor -- BUT the doctors said it wasn't 'new' cancer, but the same stuff that had been in his colon. He had to have a stint put in, oral chemo and the doctors wanted to try a new experimental treatment called the CyberKnife to remove the tumor. They warned my parents it probably would be declined under insurance and so on and so forth. Dad was approved quickly -- was this too good to be true? Dad underwent the CyberKnife procedure in October (I think) and we didn't know until recently if it worked or not. I remember my Mom telling me that the doctors were so vague. No one would tell them if it worked.

It DID work -- it was all removed.

But there was another tumor - in his colon and it appears to be malignant.

So here we are today. Dad had surgery this morning and we all went with the mindset that God brought us here and would bring us through WHATEVER the prognosis was. Remember, the last time he went through surgery, the outcome was absolutely NOT what we were expecting. My sister and I walked in and met our 'little' brother -- I say 'little' loosely b/c he is way taller than me and is a karate instructor so he kept inviting me to 'the gun show' -- so dumb, but anyway, we sat and sat and talked and laughed and I thought to myself, Lord, if this is why my Dad is going through what he's going through, if this is why WE are here, I'm ok. I'm ok with whatever happens. Then as we continued to wait, I started singing ... "Healer" ... and at that moment, a close friend texted me the words to the chorus of that song. Ironic? No, I don't think so ... I felt like it was a reassuring hug from the Lord that everything was going to be ok.

My Dad's surgery??? Went perfect .... the doctor said "I did what I wanted to do 5 yrs ago - it was text book" ..... we were laughing, hugging, crying, sighs of relief ... and then I said "Wow, I bet there are people in here who AREN'T getting the good reports (that was us 5 yrs ago and it SUCKED). This surgery could have gone in so many different directions, and the fact that it went exactly as the doctors planned it - well, I truly believe it went exactly as God planned it.
My sister and I went and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with our little brother ~ something I am sure wouldn't have happened had I not been here for my Dad's surgery. We all have lives - I live 500 miles away. It was just the 3 of us and I had such a wonderful time.

So I am here until Friday ~ Dad is in the hospital until Friday at the earliest, but is expected to make a full recovery. He was so funny - I love talking to him when he's all loopy. He kept asking where the kids were .. so we are going to take them all up there on Thursday.
Do I think my Dad is healed? I sure do. I believe God can do ANYTHING he wants to do. But if something happened and the cancer came back tomorrow ~ we would still praise our God because he is the same God, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The 'cancer' has come back more times than I care to think about, but we have made it through each and every time simply by the grace of God. Period. I praise Him for the 6 yrs we most certainly didn't deserve with my Dad but I'm so grateful for the memories we've created in those 6 yrs. I'm grateful for my 'wakeup' call and maybe, just one person reading this blog will get their wakeup call too.

I would love to post a picture, but I forgot my cord to my camera!! I've got some great ones.
You hold my every moment
You calm my raging seas
You walk with me through fire
And heal all my disease
I trust in You
I trust in You
I believe You're my Healer
I believe You are all I need
I believe You're my Portion
I believe You're more than enough for me
Jesus You're all I need

Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
Nothing is impossible for You
You hold my world in Your hands

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Because it's Saturday .....

and I love you all ~ I am uploading this video of Wild Child and his recent ramblings on the guitar. He has taken an interest in the guitar lately and I finally was able to catch it on video. It's well worth the 2 minutes of your life that you'll never get back after watching this .... but I promise, it's worth it ~ at least we think so!

Introducing ~ Wild Child ~ and his first original song: "I Miss Daddy" (he had gone to take Princess to cheerleading)........

Rock on ......

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally ...... FIRST PLACE!

These pictures are all shades of out of order, but I have wasted too much time putting them up here just to have to redo them -- does anyone know a better photo host to post pics on your blog??

Anyway --- our competition this past weekend -- THE GIRLS PLACED FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 and it feels SO good!

Shawn and Peanut came out to support!!  Here they are with my Princess and their CHEER FACES!
Here is one of the 'moving pyramid' -- hard to explain but they move and it freaks me out.  Yes, she's been dropped - BADLY 

This is where they throw up my baby and she pops up into a heel stretch - I was quite impressed with her abilities to hold it up there as long as she did!

My baby and the FIRST PLACE trophy!! WOO HOO!!!

Ok, so let me break it down for y'all ~ we have been involved in this one gym for 2 yrs now.  We vowed NEVER to go back after last season and I was sucked into going back.  I kept commenting to Shawn that it seemed more expensive than it was last year - that competition fees were so much MORE!  Well, come to find out, the owner was double, sometimes TRIPLE charging us on competition fees and then we'd get 2 days before the competition and he'd cancel.  The ones we would go to, we ALWAYS came in last place.  It started to SUCK and not be fun.  He was very impatient and not challenging the girls at all.  He always had an excuse as to WHY they came in last, wouldn't give them harder stunts b/c 'they aren't mature enough for it'.   

Well, 3 weeks ago, we walked in and he wasn't there.  Come to find out he was about BROKE and sold the gym without telling anyone to another coach.  THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO THAT GYM!!!  We also found out he took over $40,000 from the parents that were entrusting their children with him -- he overcharged me alone $650 and still owes me $260 (which I will NEVER see).  I didn't care at this point, I just wanted to finish out the season and BE DONE.  Princess KiKi felt the same way - until the new owner started showing us what she was made of -- let me tell you - she is AWESOME!

Within 1 hr of their first practice after their LAST competition, the girls had a new, HARDER routine with more difficult stunts - we placed FIRST at the next competition - and they weren't MATURE enough to handle it.

We just had another practice this week and the girls are already learning ANOTHER stunt that is harder AND WAY COOL!!

We have ONE MORE competition......

SO why do I tell you all of this??  A lot of people ask me why we put our daughter in cheer.  It is expensive, but should she desire to continue, she could easily get a college scholarship.  She enjoys it and has made some super friends.  It is good to keep her active and we have a GREAT time at the competitions.  Should she EVER not want to do it, I will happily pull her out and let her do something else - but right now, she likes THIS.

Happy Friday, sistas!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Renee's Birthday Brunch

Thought I had abandoned y'all - didn't you?

I didn't.

Month end - I work in real estate and it's been CUH-RAZZZZY, but that's a good thing.

Anyway, here are the long awaited details and pictures from the brunch I hosted for my sweet friend, Renee, in honor of her birthday.  It was SO much fun and I can't wait to do it again!! 

 Who's birthday is next??  

The absolutely GORGEOUS centerpiece made by my sweet blogless friend, Stacey 

Another bouquet made for the drink and dessert table with the extra flowers!  BEAUTIFUL!

The drink and dessert table ~ we had fruit tea, mimosa, peach champagne (stupid good) and lemon water.  The dessert was cupcakes from Sweetie's (a local DELISH bakery).

This was my place setting - plates and napkins are from Pier 1, clip butterflies are from Michael's and I spray painted old silver chargers to match the plates!

Details:  see the little bee?

The table: all set!  Each guest took home a 'grow your own daffodil/crocus/or something else I can't remember' ... I fru fru'd them up with ribbon and colored shred!

The name card -- placed in the forks and cut with my CRICUT!

Another shot of the place setting 

Another view of the table - I was just so proud of myself :)

Butterflies clipped to the chandelier!!!

The birthday girl's seat ~ OBVIOUSLY!

All of the girls ~ this is the crew that I will go to The Ritz with in July!  I had on a fantastic dress that my husband picked out for me, but you can't really see it ~ trust me, it was awesome!!  

I really enjoyed putting this together and look forward to doing it again soon!  We had chicken salad sandwiches (Kim's recipe), strawberry salad, fruit and cheese.  It really was perfect!  I wasn't stressed at all and ENJOYED myself.  The best part was fellowshipping with my sweet friends ~ it's REALLY important to do that, girls!!