Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do not dismiss ....

I had a wonderful trip out to Dallas - too short if you ask me, but I accomplished what I needed to accomplish and came back with a new pair of earrings (seriously ....) and lots of knowledge about my new company.

I also came back to Wild Child and a crazy staph infection on his leg.

See, it started out as a scrape -- from him falling down on the pavement at some point over the past few weeks.

I specifically remember, on June 30th, because he was at our neighbor's house, there were a couple other little spots that looked 'not right' and were just below the original scrape.

THEN there was a medium size 'patch' of dry skin above the scrape that looked like eczema.

We had been keeping it clean and applying bacitracin to the spots, but they weren't healing. My niece moved in with us on Saturday and she is a nursing student, so I immediately pounced on her and asked her what she thought it was ... she suggested cortizone and keeping a band aid OFF the spots to help them dry out.

I left for my trip, came back and at 3:00 in the morning, on Wednesday, Wild Child was crying in his sleep and scratching his leg. I turned on the light and oh. my. goodness. FREAKED OUT - it looked like his leg was covered with a flesh eating bacteria ... like OVERNIGHT it got this bad. I did the best I could to cover his wounds (seriously ... gross) and told Big Daddy he was to take him to the doctor as soon as they opened.

He text me about 2 hrs later -- STAPH INFECTION - BAD - shot & antibiotics. I also text my prayer warriors asking for prayer - we do NOT want this to get into his blood and I believe it has been caught before that has happened.

The shot was a Rocephin shot - which is HARD CORE and he's on 2 different medicines and a cream. It has gotten SO much better just in 24 hrs and he has a follow up appointment on Saturday for a recheck. I would post pictures, but I want you all to keep coming back to read my blog -- this is just a PSA to always be aware of stuff like this. I will admit that I dismissed it because he's a boy, being rough and I thought he was just allergic to mosquito bites (that's what I thought the other spots were) - no, that would be the infection spreading!

SO -- learn from my mistakes -- if you have a wound that doesn't seem to be healing, is itching badly and well, a flesh eating bacteria looking stuff comes up, GO TO THE DR IMMEDIATELY.

That is all .... peace out.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm heading out for my first EVER business trip -- I feel so grown up. I'm traveling to our corporate office in Dallas, TX and they were nice enough to book my flight EARLY in the day so I could relax a bit before heading into the office tomorrow.

I'm not staying long - just one day - but I will travel lightly with my job. Depending on which territory I get, I'll either be heading NORTH {think REALLY North ... like NEW YORK North} or SOUTH {fingers crossed for SOUTH} once a quarter.

** update on house ** I started painting the guest bathroom and let me tell you - it's TOTALLY different than painting the textured walls in Florida. Once I realized I was making a bigger mess than I normally do, I stopped. I will finish when I get home. HOWEVER, not having the textured walls does make it a WHOLE lot faster to paint because you only need one good coat. Which, for me, is a good thing.