Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Year End Wrap Up

I guess this could also be "where the heck have you been the last 6 mths?" -- life has just been so crazy, fun, sad, worrisome, you name it, I guarantee I've experienced every emotion over the past 6 mths. So I thought I would highlight some of the things that stuck out most to me in 2010:

  • Surprised my sister on New Years
  • Wild Child turned 5
  • Trip to NOLA with my TBM (you will only know what this means if you follow me on Twitter)
  • Terrible car accident (DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!)
  • Broke news to friends and family we were moving "home" to Atlanta
  • Big Daddy's contract ended and he branched out on his own
  • Entire family in wedding of our dear friends Bebe and Patrick
  • Wild Child broke his arm
  • Wild Child got bit by dog
  • Sisters trip to Chicago
  • Met lots of bloggers & now new friends in Atlanta
  • We bought our dream home in Atlanta
  • Co-chaired a HUGE event for American Cancer Society
  • Had an amazing 'see you later' party thrown by some of our dearest friends
  • Landed my dream job
  • Had our first visitors (BFF Amber & family came to visit)
  • Annual girls trip to the Ritz Carlton in Naples
  • Big Daddy turned 47!
  • Princess turned 8!
  • Surprised my best friend for her 40th birthday
  • Went to see Jake Owen at Ga State Fair
  • Two of my BFF's surprised me for my 35th birthday (one was surprise, one was surprise ruined by Facebook)
  • Ran AND COMPLETED my first 5K
  • Celebrated 35th birthday with lots of new friends
  • First year in 4 yrs we didn't have to travel for Thanksgiving
  • First Christmas at our new home and first Christmas I've celebrated with my parents in almost 10 yrs!
We have certainly seen our share of sadness and heartache this year. Things just didn't go as planned - however - God is good and we are happier than we've ever been. It's not worth going into detail, but I know that I know that I know (yes, I meant to say that) - we are HERE because we are SUPPOSED to be. We found a wonderful church that Big Daddy and I have jumped head first into and are becoming extremely involved with - we absolutely LOVE it. My Dad has been sick, so sick that I thought we were going to lose him. By God's grace, we haven't and he is doing well.

I would not change ONE single things about 2010 - no regrets. Our Pastor said this past weekend "The past is just a reminder of the things God CAN and WILL do for you" -- man, isn't that perfect? I remember laying in my floor this past summer, face buried in the carpet, crying, begging for mercy -- looking back now, I can see where God delivered us. We certainly walked through a desert and we are still walking, but it's OK.

Considering blogger likes to upload pics in whatever order they want, I'm just going to label the pics instead of painstakingly putting them in order:

Wild Child and his Pappy (October 2010)

Big Daddy and Brody (See You Later Party June 2010)

Big Daddy and Princess - Cheer Comp (Jan 2010)

Finishing first 5K - 35th Birthday (October 2010)

My best girls surprised me - eating at Doug's (YUM!) Shawn and Shannon (October 2010)

Ritz Chix annual beach weekend (July 2010)

See You Later Party - Best Friends a girl could have! (June 2010)

Celebrate Life Gala - American Cancer Society (May 2010)

Chicago (April 2010)

No explanation necessary (April 2010)

BFFs Wedding (March 2010)

Taylor Swift (I can't remember 2010)

Chicago (April 2010)

NOLA @ Commander's Palace - Top Chef Table (Jan 2010)

Erin from Blue Eyed Bride and me - April 2010

and lastly:

Blooper from Christmas 2010 Family shoot

I know I've left out stuff - but honestly, it has been fun going back through and looking at pictures - which reminds me - MUST TAKE MORE PICTURES in 2010. I am missing some though (BFF's surprise party, more going away pics, etc) - I do believe they are uploaded on another computer - which leads me to ANOTHER 'goal' for 2011 - download all pics!!

Anyway - I've really missed blogging. I hope I'm able to get back into it. I've found that blogging/twitter is such a great place to vent and meet people you may never have met living where you live. Can't make any promises, but I can promise that I'll try :)

Rock on Y'all!
Much Love, Natalie

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing you more blessings you ever thought you could receive in 2011!
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