Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another project on the horizon .......

You are probably wondering what this is (besides a messy garage):

It's the new floors for the kids bedroom and the guest bedroom:

We have a place here in town that sells flooring VERY VERY cheap. It is normally knock off of Shaw or Armstrong flooring. I did NOT want oak, but I walked up to this, fell in love and guess what, it's OAK! I brought it home and laid it right next to the walnut we already have in the office and dining room and you can hardly tell the difference. It's the 5" plank too. LOVE!! When we retiled our bathroom, we got all the tile there for CHEAP (Travertine at $1.79/sq ft - 18x18 = CHEAP) so anyway, they were having a MASSIVE sale this weekend for Memorial Day. We knew this would be the time to get the flooring for the kids bedrooms. They REALLY need new floors in there - they currently have laminate that is destroyed (we had a toilet leak and 2 inches of water resting in their rooms .... not good). SO we got this for insanely cheap, so cheap that we decided to get enough for the guest bedroom as well. The labor would be WAY more than what we paid for it. ALSO, the guy told Chad that it was easy to lay and he could probably do it himself (guy obviously doesn't know Chad) BUT our neighbor, who happened to be outside when Chad pulled up with all the flooring, offered to get Chad started on it and said "It is SO easy to put down" ~ I also have a couple friends that have offered to help, so we'll see ....... SO since we know we're here for a while, we want to go ahead and get rolling on this. Harold - I know you read this - aren't you glad you aren't here NOW!?! Course, you and my Dad could supervise if you were!! ~ it will probably get done after Chad gets back from Nashville, so I'll make sure to post pictures!

We're here to stay .....

The powers that be called Chad to their office on Thursday ~ he said "I know what it's about, but I'll call you when I get done" .... course, I'm thinking "Great, his contract is up in August, and they are going to give him plenty of time to find something else ... blah blah blah" .. I am the CHRONIC worrier - have been all my life. Then I finally said -- OUT LOUD -- "GOD, whatever it is, I know you will bring us through it, whether it be a celebration, or another obstacle, YOU have brought us through it before in Nashville, and you will bring us through it again" ... so like 10 minutes later, he calls back. I MISSED the call b/c I was blow drying my hair. It took me a good 5 minutes before I could get him on the phone. He starts reading me this paragraph from his original contract and I am getting hot, my stomach is gurgling and he started laughing and said 'CBS RADIO hereby exercises its third option right to extend said contract until 2/15/2010" -- THANK YOU JESUS!! He said he was never worried - but it is ME that makes him worried. SO - we are here to stay for another 18mths and I have a peaceful feeling that it is going to be a lot longer than that. WQYK is a family. Mike Culotta, Chad's boss, believed in him from the very beginning. I'll never forget when I went to the Rascal Flatts concert in June 2005 and Mike met me at the gate, walked me back, got me backstage to meet the Flatts, and hugged me and told me that this is a FAMILY and I tell ya, Chad and I could not be any happier to be a part of this extended family. Chad loves everyone and they love him - it's awesome and they totally have his back!!

Since we have been in Tampa, we have found an extended family of our own. We have NO family down here - Chad's parents come down for 6 mths out of the year and it's awesome to have them here. We have been so incredibly blessed to be welcomed into homes during the holidays and it feels just as normal as being with my own family in Atlanta. We have made friends here that we will be friends with for the REST of our lives - true friends. Friends that don't hang out with us based on what Chad can do for them, get for them, etc. We have been blessed to have found an amazing church, that again, is an extended family. SO to say that I am beyond happy to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt we are staying here is an understatement!!

Happy Memorial Day to you all - God Bless our soldiers and all those that have served!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking Pilates ... or more like PTTTTTTTTT-lates

So I was invited to take a Pilates class this morning. I first teased and taunted that I couldn't hear my friend on the other end of the phone, kept asking her to repeat and she would .. until she finally realized what I was doing. SO I said 'Yeah, I'll go - always wanted to do it. All the rage with celebrities, so it MUST be good' ... I show up in my super-cute workout clothes and we're late. The room is dark and so I scramble in and get in my place. I did remember an extra towel - thank goodness. I look around and notice there are a lot of more 'mature' women in this class .... I'm talking older than my Mom. So Shawn and I start the class and it immediately is working the abs and I am immediately thinking "WHAT IN THE HECK WAS I THINKING!! I HOPE MY LEG DOESN'T ACCIDENTLY SWING OUT AND KNOCK SHAWN OUT!" ... as I am groaning and moaning through every move, I do realize that it does feel kind of good, you know, the stretching. We did this one move where you had to balance on one side and lift your leg up, touch your nose, bend it backward (kidding) .. well, I couldn't keep my balance ... so then I start laughing ~ that quiet, preacher's praying and you hope everyone just thinks your crying, laughter .... and I could not STOP! We are rolling all over the place and I am flopping all over the place (I am literally doubled over in laughter just typing this). Yes, I did peek several times to see if Shawn was REALLY doing it or I was the only moron in the class that looked like they just walked out of 'clown training 101'. For those of you that read this blog and know Shawn, she is quite flexible. I, on the other hand, am NOT. SO THEN the instructor tells us to sit up straight with our knees to our chest. Wrap our arms around our thighs (just the back of your legs) and you ROLL back and then extend your legs ( see picture above) and then roll forward. This is where I completely lose it ... the old lady behind me POOTS! I mean, POOTS!!! At this point, I'm rolling, laughing, rolling, laughing ... all the while she is rolling, pooting, rolling, pooting (mind you, this is all going on JUST BEHIND MY HEAD). I had to CHOMP on the inside of my mouth to quit laughing ~ the music wasn't that loud either, so they could TOTALLY tell it was me laughing. I'm all trying to act like I'm just breathing hard .. NOT WORKING!! Oh boy ... I think I'll just stick to Body Pump ... I wonder if Jennifer Aniston poots when she does Pilates.

Friday, May 16, 2008

You know you're a redneck, cute shoes and VOTE FOR CHAD!

So this week has been gloomy ~ the weather has been beautiful here (we need SOME RAIN) but since Friday, between Chad and I, we have attended 2 funerals and the "Praise & Prayer" service for Pastor Pollock and his son. The first funeral was last Friday, for Sierra and she was just precious. I knew her all of 30 minutes and absolutely adored her. Her Mom is so sweet and never said "Goodbye" to Sierra, just "We'll see you soon" .... they had a loving tribute to her and we continue to pray for them daily.

Chad had to attend the funeral of a wonderful woman who graced the Earth for 90 years! She is Chad's boss's grandmother and said her funeral was definitely a celebration of her life. He said it really wasn't sad at all!!

The service for Pastor Pollock and Preston was very uplifting. I attended this church when we first moved here. I say "I" because I normally went by myself. Since we started going to The Crossing, we go as a family and that is certainly the way it should be. I still attend bible study at Bell Shoals and am proud to say our community came together like I've never seen. Church pastors from neighboring churches came to pray with people and helped to provide daycare so church members could attend the prayer service. It was very emotional and I cried a lot, but again, like every one has said "We didn't lose them, we know RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE AT" and every one is taking comfort in knowing that.

So it's just been a difficult week ~ but I put my trust in God that he surely knows there is an end in sight and brighter days are ahead. My friend's daughter couldn't understand why we were so upset about Pastor Pollock and Preston. She is so funny and said "You should be happy, they're with Jesus" and you know what ~ she's RIGHT. Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to jerk you back into reality.

I went to the gym this morning to work out after a long, dry spell. I would like to think that I was just so darn busy with work, trying to save the world and single handedly start and not finish a project in each and every room in our house, that I just didn't have time. I took a Body Pump class and oh my ... I guess lying down in the floor, writhing in pain, is NOT considered 'working your abs' .. whatevah! I am going to go back though - got a BIG weekend planned in July and got to be BEACH READY!!

I'll end with a couple pictures b/c who doesn't love a picture of a redneck boy?!?!

Chad took Cameron 'hunting' which means they went out, rode around in the tractor thingy and put out feeders. Cameron dressed himself - camo hat, camo shirt, shorts (hey it's Florida) and cowboy boots .... yes, we did have Chick-fil-A for dinner. I wish it was a publicy held stock because I would own it. We eat there ALL the time. They know me when I pull up - it's ridiculous. BUT I am happy to say I cooked 4/5 nights this week -- GOOD FOOD too and this was Friday Night Mommy's too tired dinner ....

How cute am I? These are my new flip flops. I almost always wear flip flops ... these have a little bow with a rhinestone buckle and an "N" monogrammed on it. CUTE!! I even bought leopard print fabric that I can switch out...... retail therapy is always the BEST therapy!!

Finally, go here and vote for Chad to be in the Top 500 (the station will play the Top 500 over Memorial Day weekend). You can only vote for 10 songs, but make sure you vote for MY MAN!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~ Please join me in prayer ~

Please join me in praying for the family of Senior Pastor Forestt Pollock and his son, Preston. The city of Brandon and surrounding areas have been holding a prayer vigil in hopes of a miracle. Pastor Pollock and his son were flying in a private plane that crashed just outside of Rutherfordton, NC and there were no survivors. Please pray without ceasing for his wife, Dawn, and their 5 children at home. Pastor Pollock was Senior Pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church here in Brandon. This is where Kennedy attended pre-K. We have many friends that attend this church and I personally have been involved in many bible studies that take place at the church. This is unimaginable tragedy and we must lift up the family and congregation in prayers. Only God knows why he took Pastor Pollock and his son. We will only know the answer when we see them again in Heaven.

2 Corithians 5:5-9 says that Lord has prepared us for this very thing and that we are to be confident that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. We may never know how the taking-home of Pastor Pollock and his son will bring glory to the Lord until we all see him again in heaven. We must also remember the words found in 1 Cor. 13:12-13 that says we will one day see things clearly and that our incomplete understanding will be made complete in Glory.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So, yeah ~ I got baptized Wednesday night ... and it was AMAZING! I had been baptized when I was 13 ~ 'sprinkled' in the Methodist Church. I knew what it meant, understood it, but really lost sight of it in my 20's. I didn't do anything that would embarrass my parents, but I certainly wasn't living the most 'Christ-like' life either.

For the past several years, I have been trying to 'get back on track'. I've been attending a church that I am IN LOVE with ~ Chad and I attend regularly and even sing on the Worship Team. I've been attending bible studies, reading the bible (slowly ~ but still regularly) and having my 'quiet time'. I felt like there was a block - something that was keeping me from maturing spiritually. I mean, I even pray OUT LOUD -- FOR PEOPLE -- which for those of you that know me, is HUGE! I normally can't make it through without crying my eyes out though. SO anyway, I was speaking with some of my fellow worship team members and was telling them about my concern of this 'spiritual block' and that God kept telling me to 'cleanse' -- so I asked them if that meant that I should get baptized. ABSOLUTELY!! Well, we only baptize on First Wednesday services. April's service went past and sure enough, I was called out as to WHY I wasn't up there. I was scared - nervous - just not sure. I mean, this is personal. But then I realized that this is the most WONDERFUL thing I can do - what a witness to people that you want to tell the world YOU LOVE JESUS CHRIST!! SO, one morning, after I finished working on some homework for a bible study I was taking, I emailed the pastor's assistant and submitted my testimony. Done. Now I HAD to do it. No backing out .... and last night I did it. It was awesome!!

This is where they introduce you and read your testimony. I was NERVOUS but VERY EXCITED. The guy next to me is our Children's Pastor, Pastor Ryan ~ Kennedy loves him b/c she says he looks like Jesus (he does ... )

Cool Action shot ~ he was concerned b/c I was tall and I told him "I NEED TO BE COMPLETELY IMMERSED ~ it is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME" and so he dunked me ..

Coming up -- and yes, I totally feel different!!

I had so much support there - it was great. Kennedy has now started asking questions and wants to be baptized. Although I don't think she is quite ready, I do believe she is ready for the classes. LOVE IT!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prayers ...

Please keep the Kesler family in your prayers. Their baby girl, Sierra, passed away yesterday. Shawn and I met her through our Foundation Angel Program and what a beautiful ray of light she was. When Shawn and I went to visit her, she was just precious and you would NEVER have known she battling leukemia.

I'm just at a loss ~ cancer sucks.

I will say this ~ this sure puts my life in perspective.