Monday, January 26, 2009

Lurkers DELURK -- and a CONTEST!

This is the kid's playroom .... it was painted YEL-LOW because that is absolutely what I could not live without.  Seriously, we have been in this house for a little over 3 yrs and we have nearly completely renovated the whole darn thing (on a BUDGET I might add).  

Anyway, it is beach themed ~ and yes, I know those are silk hydrangeas up top - not very beachy, huh?  There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor ~ those blue marks are because I ran out of paint and the quart of paint that I bought was not exact, so you  could see where I painted over it.  I hated it, but we had SO much going on in the rest of the house, this would have to wait.

This is the playroom today ~ amazing what cold medicine can make you do.  I had the whole dang thing done in a day and NEVER RAN OUT OF ENERGY!!  I painted it "Sea Sand" (appropriate, huh?) and wallpapered the bottom a faux grasscloth (cheeeeeaappp) and even cheaper when using a gift card!  Paint was left over from the guest bathroom that is very near this room.  Also, this is only a 3 wall room, it's the typical "Children's Retreat" often placed in David Weekly homes.  We love it.  I wanted to make it more kid friendly ..... make it a true "retreat" for them.

We trimmed out the window and kept the chair railing that was up.  I insisted on using the same curtains and other decor that was in the room.  A lot of it is sentimental to me for reasons that would probably be dumb to you, BUT I wanted to keep them and yes, they DO match.  There are MANY different colors in the fabric and it is called "Cabana" -- again, appropriate!!  My problem is decorating and furniture arrangement and THIS my friends, is where my contest comes in to play!

This wall ...... what do I put there?  A shelf?  Shelves?  I do have some beautiful beach portraits of the kids that I would like to incorporate.  There are 3 of them in black and white.  I would also like to use 2 large pictures ~ see below ~ those can be placed on either side of the window as well, but I'm keeping my options open on them.  

This is the other side of the room - it's about 8x10 with just the 3 walls.  The other wall houses a LARGE PBK white bookcase,tv set, that has most of their toys and a tv, with the wii, DVD, etc.    I was thinking of placing a kid's club chair in that corner, maybe a computer armoire in the other corner (that would FIT and is made for a corner) and then possibly a window seat/bench in between the two.  I'd like to throw in a couple bean bag chairs or some LARGE floor pillows.

*** The white doors are LARGE cabinet doors that a friend of ours (who happens to make custom cabinets for a living) made for us.  They were free and VERY welcomed.  Cover up 2 LARGE - what used to be - wall units.  They are VERY deep and hold lots and lots of stuff. ***

 *** This desk is going away eventually and the computer will be moved to a corner computer armoire ***   If that helps any of you to envision what I'm talking about here.
So send me your suggestions!  I'm offering up a $25 gift card to a store of YOUR CHOICE (so long as I can get it online) for your suggestions.  Link me to your blog and I'll give you another entry!  I will use a Random Drawing to pick the winner, but all you have to do to enter is LEAVE ME A SUGGESTION or DESIGN TIP of what I should do in this room, including furniture placement, what to put on the walls, etc etc etc.   It's a beach theme room and ties in with the other parts of the house and my kids are 4 and 6.

Contest will end Saturday, January 31!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweet ....

Besides the fact that I haven't done a post in 3 days, I wanted to put this video up for y'all to see if you haven't seen it yet. It's adorable ......

I'll be posting pictures of the playroom that we just repainted .... and I think I need to do a CONTEST!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great giveaway! Check it out!

Monogram Teacher is hosting a fantastic giveaway for her 100th post ~ she's teaming up with Monogram Chick and giving away a SUPER cute tote!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm scared .....

See that??  Know what it is??  It is my new Cricut Expression Chad bought me for Valentine's Day.  See, I'm a night owl and was up watching all my tivo'd Real Housewives of whatever, Nip/Tuck, J&K+8, Wedding Central (b/c HELLO, deep down I want to be a wedding planner), etc etc etc .... well, I fell asleep and woke up to an infomercial about this thing.  Now, my girl here is a scrapbooking, Cricut WHIZ and she has the orginal cricut. She said if I bought the new one, because it CUTS to 24" big, I could use all of her cartridges.  We could use it TOGETHER .... so after much comparing, etc, I finally did it (it took about 2 1/2 months before I ordered it).  It came, I opened it and I promptly shut it back.  There is SO much to this machine but I am IN LOVE .... I got all the vinyl too b/c I love the vinyl stuff -- it's all over my house.   I love monogramming and was in this cute little store in Acworth, GA when I was home for Thanksgiving -- I bought some stuff and they asked if I wanted it monogrammed.  I told them I didn't live here but said "This is done using the cricut, isn't it?" and she said "It shore is!" ... and that's when I decided I could. not. live. without. it.  They wanted $10 for a 3 letter monogram and vinyl costs about $5 for a HUGE sheet ..... so there you have it.

As soon as I figure out how to master this joker, EVERYBODY will be getting stuff.  I can't help it ..... 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

I went to the shooting range today with Chad ~ my first time EVER shooting a gun.  I think I did pretty good, although it did scare me half to death.   It was SO loud ..... even with the earphones on.   We shot over 100 rounds of ammo.  I got the bright idea that I needed to practice picking up the gun, aiming and shooting -- as if someone were breaking in to our house.   We were with friends and I was telling my girlfriend "OK .... .BOO!" .. it was not funny.  Although we were laughing our butts off, the boys just didn't think it was funny.  Chad said "Pick up the gun and shoot, woman" ... so I picked up the gun (like someone was breaking in), pulled it up and COULD NOT FIRE.   When I finally did fire, that joker recoiled and left a nasty bruise on my thumb knuckle -- BUT Chad was proud of me.  He truly believes in the 2nd Amendment Right -- well, and he's a redneck and I'm married to him, so what else can I say.  

Secondly, we spent Saturday in Kissimmee for Kennedy's 1st Cheer Competition of the season.  She has 5 more.  She did really great and I was so proud of my girl.  She is far left, on top -- they came in 3rd by 1/8th of a point. 

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?!  

Lastly, I got a new 'do -- LOVE it.  Chad and I went to our friend, Chris Trotti's 40th birthday party.  Here is his wife and one of my BFFs, Shawn ~ she is just beautiful and I think this is a great picture!  We ALWAYS take a picture like this whenever we are together and I always look like poo - - NOT THIS TIME, BABY!!  We boogied and sang all night -- it was so much fun!!

I have to say, Baby Harper has been on my mind all weekend.  I have been following closely to the blogs for updates on her status.  I have fallen to my knees to pray for this baby girl and I hope you will too.  She is a miracle in itself.   Keep Praying!!

I'm playing around with my blog ~ and will be adding blogs that I 'stalk', er I mean read daily .... it's certainly a work in progress as I should be cleaning my house today ... but I digress ... blogging is so much more important.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayers Needed

Please be in prayer for Baby Harper -- her mom is Kelly (Kelly's Korner: link on my sidebar) -- I am running out the door to our first cheer competition -- it's 5:45 AM but I feel that I MUST post to get as many prayers as possible on her behalf.  Intercede to our Lord Jesus on their behalf .....

Much Love,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take Note ....

If you have a Michael's Craft store near you, this is a perfect craft.  Now listen, I am NOT crafty, nor do I claim to be.  I do claim to be resourceful and I will steal any idea, BUT I will tell you first that I am stealing (or borrowing it) -- imitating is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  I am so excited about this one, because it's something I came up with on my own.  

I got these notecards at Michael's for $.60 for a set of 10!  I bought a TON and they had all different designs.  I bought the ones that did not look Christmas-sy so I could use them for something like this.  The ribbon you see was also $.60 a roll -- CHEAP!  I have a friend with an upcoming birthday and thought this would be a nice little added gift (dont't worry, I'm not that cheap, I also bought her another gift to go with these) ~ anyway, I was with my fabulous friend Torrie and she suggested I get the glitter.  I bought the opal colored glitter glue and then just embellished the notecards in random places.  

Before ~ not embellished ~ still pretty but what girl doesn't love a little sparkle?!

You can't really see, but there is glitter on the card.  If you click on the picture, it will make it bigger and you can see it.

I took the ribbon and found some other black ribbon in my stash and wrapped it up all nice and pretty.  SO for less than $2 ~ I have a beautiful gift for a someone special!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crazy Cameron is 4!

**** Warning:  LOTS OF PICTURES! ***

Here is a recap of Cameron's birthday party!  Blogger uploaded my pictures BACKWARDS, so I'll just have to tell you what's going on in each picture -- that's half the fun anyway!

Here is McKenzie and Cameron ~ she is Cameron's girlfriend, but also my Foster Daughter.  I love her like my own and enjoy hanging out with her -- oh, and her Mom is pretty cool too ;)

This is the motley hunting crew -- if we could just get Trotti out of his suit and into camo, then it would be complete ..... or maybe we need to get these 3 out of camo and into a SUIT!  

David, Chad and Cody

The food table ~ as you can see, it was a camo themed party.  See Cody there in the corner? Head to toe camo -- the guys took this VERY seriously -- it was FANTASTIC!

Family picture at Cameron's party ~ Cameron had just washed his face paint off.

This was when we were cutting the cake.  It was SO much fun.  Uncle Russ made 2 cakes and it was hilarious.  One cake was a camo cake with a shooting game on it -- WATCH THE VIDEO -- and the other was left over cake and icing that he made into a smash cake for Cameron -- which Cameron DID smash -- it was so funny!

Cameron posin' -- in his spiderman face paint!

Sign at the candy buffet -- this is what we did instead of favors -- it was BRILLIANT!

The candy buffet - probably my favorite part of the setup!  There was even a Coleman lantern on the table!  All the candy was camo colors (green, brown, cream, black) with a touch of Hunter's Orange thrown in -- you know, for safety.

Camo bread --- with peanut butter and fluff 

The infamous CAKE - it was ridiculously good and this is the FIRST cake that I've ever had where we didn't throw not ONE BIT of it away.  It was THAT good.

OK -- now a trip down memory lane ... this was as we were leaving the hospital after Cameron was born -- little did we know that just 7 weeks later, our lives would be FOREVER changed (for the better -- this was when God lead us to move, seriously, pack up and move out of TN FOREVER (and I say FOREVER) .... and we did and it was the BEST thing we ever did). Kim, do you remember coming to the hospital and sitting with me?  Seems like yesterday and you were not far from having Hudson ~ and Kennedy calling you and Lonnie, Frenchie and Connie??!!   Oh that was so funny.

This is still one of my favorite pictures ever.  This is my Dad meeting his Grandson for the first time.  
So that's it -- the party itself was a complete success.  It was so much fun and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!  I had so many wonderful friends helping me, I couldn't have pulled it off without them.  Amber took all of the wonderful pictures!!  

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cameron's Camo Party

Cameron and his 'camo' cake -- watch video until the end -- it's worth it. Will post more pictures later but wanted to give you a 'taste' of this FANTASTIC party!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Ramblings ...

So the year has started off quite well!  I have made a couple New Year's Resolutions and I have been sticking with them.  They are always the same, but so far, so good.  My resolutions are:

~ drink less Coke (notice I said "less" and not "stop" -- I have easily replaced my Coke intake to 3 per week and I try to do that only on the weekends) ~ It's amazing how drinking water really does make you feel better.

~ start to scrapbook: I bought my first set of supplies on New Year's Day with Shawn and Danielle.  They were so funny -- they walked in to the store and I just put all my stuff in Shawn's basket and left -- it was WAY too much for me, but I am looking forward to starting something I have SO wanted to do for a long long time.  

~ walk: I have done REALLY well with b/c I have a partner.  We walk 4-5 miles/day, 5 days a week.  Again, amazing how much better I sleep.

We cleaned out our closet and garage over the past week.  It looks so nice and I really want to keep it that way.  To steal from Pam, my #1 resolution is just to remind my friends and family just how much they mean to me. I want to get better about thank you notes, sending cards and just letting those around me know they mean the world to me.

We are getting ready for Cameron's Camo Party this week -- I can't wait!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Camo Cameron

So guess what Cameron got for Christmas!?!???

Yes, a gun.  Before y'all go report me to DFACS, it's perfectly legal and is called a "Cricket" -- Kennedy got one last year - a pink one!  Cameron had been asking for one ALL year for Christmas.  He is getting to the age where he understands hunting and has been going with Chad just to ride around the property.  Chad took Cameron on a trip with him recently and it was Cameron that was able to find the 'animal' (are you cringing, Shawn??) -- anyway, it was time and so far he has been out once, but we had to get a picture of him in head to toe camo gear!  I'm sure his Uncles Shawn, Brent, David, Chris and Cody are eating this up!   Yes, I am aware he looks POSSESSED in the first picture and honestly, after this past weekend, I am sure of it!

Here is a sweet one:  Chad said: "HOLD YOUR GUN UP, SON!"  (isn't that what every mama wants to hear?)

Which leads me to my next series of photos.  I decided to throw an impromptu party for Cameron ~ it will be a camo party.  I have even located Mossy Oak plates and napkins.  Yes, I did say CAMO PAPER PRODUCTS!  I am really outdoing myself on a massive budget - gotta use all those Am Ex points for SOMETHING!!  One of our friends encouraged me to take him to a local toy store called Learning Express to register.  We had a ball once he figured out what to do.  He was very particular about what he wanted too -- it's all great stuff.  He REALLY wanted this vacuum cleaner and honestly I had no problem with it, but I know a DADDY that would - so I said "NO" ~ the first toy he picked up was a saxophone, then a trumpet, and then a crossbow ~ SO his Daddy's boy.  I LOVE it though.   Here is a picture of when I said "Cameron, let Mommy take your picture" -- such a POSER!

Finally, the girls from our night at Pam's will get this: It's a pogo stick - and no, he couldn't do it here either.  He just put it down and said "Yep, dat's for big kids".....

I can't wait for his party -- we're doing lots of cool stuff and it should be LOTS of fun.  Of course, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

*** Yes, I have finished my closet, but I'm waiting to post that until this weekend ***