Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Am I menopausal, pre-menstral, WHAT IS IT?!?!

OK, so I got a card in the mail yesterday.

I immediately knew who it was from because I recognized the handwriting.

I opened it, laughed b/c it was FUNNY ... and then proceeded to bawl my eyes out.

The 20 simple words that were written meant more to me than this person probably thought they would. I needed it, too.

The handwritten words read:

Thank you for all of my friendship favors, kind words and gifts. You're a wonderful, all of the time, unconditional friend!

It was signed with a "Love ya Sistah" and my sweet friend's name. I haven't even called her to tell her how much it meant to me, but she reads my blog, so she'll see it :)

So I'm writing this to tell y'all out in blogland - you never EVER know the impact a handwritten note can do for someone. I encourage you to drop a note in the mail to a friend. Someone could be having a terrible day, and receiving a handwritten, IN THE MAIL, note could really brighten their day - or - someone could be having an awesome day and a receiving a handwritten, IN THE MAIL, note could just be the cherry on the top! For me, I was having a good day - had a great weekend and was really feeling the stresses of the past week start to roll off and having spent the day with my daughter, hanging with a new friend, and then coming home to this sweet note ~ really just made my day! It made me realize that God has placed people in my life, for certain things, to fill voids and to keep me grounded. I am so thankful for that!

~ Oh, and when I opened the card, it played the theme song from "Friends" ... SO appropriate!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday ~ July 4th

I love Kasey and her Friend Makin' Mondays - it's been a few weeks since I last did one but since I'm a quest to get Sonic Rt 44's for an ENTIRE week on SOMEONE'S dime, I'm DOING it! Plus, I love July 4th - LOVE it!

This week's Friend Makin' Monday is hosted by the ever-so-hilarious, in-real-life BFF, Shawn, over at Seriously! She is a hoot and we are always telling people it's a total GOD thing that we are friends -- seriously. The timing was perfect. We entered each other's lives earlier on, but never quite clicked, and then about a year later, the moons and stars aligned and here we are.

ANYWAY ..... today FMM is all about July 4th. Here are the questions:

What are you doing this July 4th?

I will be partaking in festivities at the Seriously House. This is a tradition and something we've done for 3 yrs now. I'm not sure if they were REALLY going to host a party this year, but I nudged Babe and Shawn a little when I stood about 2 inches from their face at a recent event (go figure, me and Shawn at an event .... oh, one that we helped chair, imagine THAT!) - anyway - I stood 2 inches and said "WOW - I have this totally adorable red, white and blue bling shirt - would LOVE to wear to a 4th of July party - ANYONE HAVING ONE!!?!?!?!?! Really, I did ... and wouldn't you know, THEY ARE HAVING ONE! YAY!

What is your favorite dish to pass when attending a 4th of July party or summer barbecue?

I am not a cook. I am always the one that brings chips, Cokes, paper products, whatever. I have been making a fruit salsa that is quite tasty. You take strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and a golden delicious apple - chop it all up, sprinkle some sugar over it and VOILA! Serve with some cinnamon wheat thins OR I took flour tortillas, sprayed them with Butter Pam and sprinkled cinnamon/sugar over them -- baked at 375 until they were toasty. YUM!

Do you have any July 4th traditions?

Yes -- going to the Seriously House and watching the adults partake in the waterslide ......

Share your favorite July 4th picture:

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures - it was taken at Safety Harbor Resort & Spa on July 4, 2005. Wild Child was just 6mths old. I don't know why I love it so much - maybe because he's contained, can't walk, can't be crazy, can't be WILD -- but y'all, I wouldn't have him ANY OTHER WAY!! Love this boy!!

Have a SAFE and Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Remember to thank our service men/women for all they do to protect us and keep us FREE!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

What a week. Let me just say, I'm thankful for the grace of GOD and for his renewed mercies every day, because without that, I would NOT have made it through this week.

Without going into all the details, let me just say that Big Daddy and I have really been thrown some curve balls ~ good thing we're good catchers.

The weather had been HOT here in sunny FL. DISGUSTINGLY HOT, but thank goodness for beaches close by, pools, great friends and being able to fellowship with them.

I don't really have a lot to write about. I'd like to start *trying* to post every day - I know that's a long shot, but we'll see what happens! I've been doing lots of cool projects around the house and hope to have those done by NEXT weekend! I will post pictures!!

Have a great Sunday ~ enjoy your loved ones - you just NEVER know when the Lord will call you home!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Rhyming Game ...

Wild Child is learning to rhyme ... some of the words he tries to put together are not even words but today ... oh today was different.

Lilo & Stitch are on TV.

Guess what he tried to rhyme with STICH??

and was THRILLED when he got a reaction out of mama


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Me vs. The Seagull

So I was here ~ St Pete Beach ... beautiful ... 100+ degrees but VERY windy (thank goodness b/c there was no way we could have stayed due to the heat) ... anyway, I'm here:

I had just finished telling a story about how my friend Pam was holding a piece of chicken in her hand once, while at our friend Shawn's house ... and Shawn's German Shepherd, Deja, came prancing by and literally LEPT up and took the chicken out of Pam's hand.  

I was telling this story as I was eating some seriously delicious "Cape Cod" sea salt and vinegar potato chips.  I was holding "SAID" potato chip in my hand.  

All of a sudden .....  

I feel SOMETHING land ON MY FREAKING HEAD and the next thing I know, I feel a PINCH on my finger ... and then I realized .....

I had been attacked ---- VIOLATED by THIS:

Now my close friends know that I am TERRIFIED of birds -- TERRIFIED.  BUT I never thought these jokers would fly right down and just grab the food from my HAND!  I screamed from my GUT!  It freaked me the HELL OUT!  I jumped so high and caused quite a commotion (SHOCKER!).  UNFORTUNATELY, Princess was standing right in front of me when it happened - holding a sandwich - and that sent her in PANIC MODE!  She didn't know what to do with her sandwich, so she just ran and sat behind our friend that was with us, and said friend told her to quit freakin' and get off her towel.  I'm laughing at this point, but was still a little freaked.  The birds claw did scratch my head AND made it bleed a little - I'll probably get some freaky disease or something - but I have sanitized, anti-bacterialized, etc etc etc.

Laugh away .... I'm sure there are a few of you that I know are having to pick yourself up off the floor right.   

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you have a 'dated' painting laying around??

I've had this painting since I graduated college.  I decorated my first apartment in all this 'grecian inspired' decor (think angels, white, flowy .... I don't know why). 

Anyway - for whatever reason, I couldn't part with it - BUT - it's no longer my style.  The frame is nice and beefy and I guess I was keeping it because I could reuse the frame.

Then I decided to see if I could make it into a chalkboard for my office.  THEN once that idea got going, I wondered if I could make it into a MAGNETIC chalkboard for my office.

This is after the final coat of magnetic paint - that stuff REALLY does WORK!
AND HERE WE GO!  Finished product --- with a special note from my Princess!  Yes, that is  sword handle you see at the top - my father-in-law gave it to my husband and I stuck it up on my bookcase - away from my Wild Child!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

You ask ~ I answer ...

I put out a 'plea' to help me in my bloggy slump ~ and you girls CERTAINLY delivered!

Peeptoe Pumps and Pearls asked:

1. What is your favorite cocktail? My favorite cocktail is really just Malibu Rum and pineapple juice - boring, I know. At least I graduated from amaretto sours .... I really love love LOVE wine. My favorite is a brand called Talus and you can get it Publix. It's average priced (like $10) and seriously is SO good! I also like a table wine called Conundrum ... it's in the $20 range and is so good!

2. Favorite clothing store (for you)? I had a friend walk into The Limited once and say to me "I feel like I'm in your closet" ... I definitely shopped there A LOT back in the day. I now kinda shop everywhere. I love a good bargain, but have recently scaled back b/c I just don't have room for it all!  ALL my jeans come from Buckle and my work clothes have been coming from Ann Taylor Loft. Also, I buy clothes from 15dollarstore.com -- check it out! I like Forever 21 for trendy clothes, or what I call "disposable clothes" ~ clothes that you buy for the trend and don't wear really more than one season. I don't mind spending 'decent' money on black pants and classic items.  OH, and I am LIVING in maxi dresses on the weekends and I find those at TJ Maxx or Old Navy.

3. Best dish or dessert you make? Lately, I've been making a KILLER baked brie. Serve with honey wheat Wheatables. 

4. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Marietta, Ga (an Atlanta suburb) and still consider it 'home'. My entire family still lives just North of Atlanta. I absolutely LOVE Georgia and always enjoy going back for a visit. I went to college at Kennesaw State University and stayed in the area after I graduated. It wasn't until I met Big Daddy, that I decided to move away.

5. If you go travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? I really like tropical destinations. I have ZERO urge to go to Europe, Asia, etc .... I am just too frightened and can't handle the plane trip. We are hoping to go to Turks & Caicos next summer.

Vivienne asked:

"What was the most embarrassing experience you've ever had?" - this is a toss up between my foot falling asleep in the middle of a date and the time I met Trish Yearwood. I always sit on one foot. We were at a Mexican restaurant and got up to leave. I had on wedge sandals and my entire ankle buckled underneath me, thus causing me to fall in the middle of the restaurant. Because my ankle was broken, I could not get up. I didn't know whether to scream or cry, so I did both. "Boyfriend" came back, told me to GET UP as he was holding the door open and I had to tell him that I could NOT get up. NO COMPASSION. I finally got up, hobbled out the door and he had to carry me to the car. It was ugly.

The time I met Trisha Yearwood was just last year. I have been a fan of hers since I can remember. She is awesome. She was playing at Sea World and Big Daddy had to be out there to work for the radio station, but he and Trisha were friends back when he was singing and touring. He had me wait in the line to see her and he would meet back up with us. When I finally got up to talk to her, Big Daddy was NO WHERE to be found. I introduced myself and just stared at her. She is so beautiful, y'all - and SWEET! I was speechless and could only muster up "I'm from Georgia too" .. that's it. Nothing else. FINALLY, Big Daddy walked in and she said "Excuse me, I need to say Hi to the gentleman that just walked in - I haven't seen him in years" and I turned to look over my shoulder and it was Big Daddy. Thank Goodness!

Trudy asked:

How long have you been blogging and what made you decide to do it? I started blogging in June 2007 because a friend started a blog! When she told me how easy it was and that it was FREE, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. It has been fun and I am definitely getting better at it.

Jenn asked:

What is the neatest thing about being a twin? Let's see .... being a twin is awesome. I love that we connect on so many levels. I can be dialing Jenn's number, get her voicemail, and it's because she's calling me. We most definitely have the telepathy thing going on - it's not fake. We are mirror twins, meaning if you were to look in the mirror, we are exact opposites. I'm left handed, she's right handed, even our parts are like looking in a mirror.  HOWEVER, we are not identical.  I do not know what it's like to be alone b/c I have never been 'alone' so to speak.

Anonymous asked:

What do you do for a living? What is your dream job? I am a Marketing Director for a title company. I essentially market to real estate professionals and mortgage brokers in our area. It has definitely had it's ups and downs, but I love it. We are a small company and I love that b/c I can do my thing ... work from home, work out in the field, it doesn't matter - as long as I am NOT being micro-managed. My dream job would be as a wedding or event planner. I absolutely LOVE planning events and can't watch enough of the 'bridal' reality shows.

Crystal asked:  

My mom turns 50 in September. Could you arrange for John Rich to sing Happy Birthday to her or maybe "Lost in this moment..."...maybe even by phone? Hahahaha!!! You knew I'd have to say something about my dream boat! Well, he is really her dream boat.  Although John Rich is a good friend of my husband, I don't know that John would do that ~ BUT ~ he is a VERY VERY nice guy!  I can certainly arrange to have another country singer call your Mom and sing her Happy Birthday!  ;)

I would love to see pics of your house...I don't think that's a question though.  My house is definitely a work in progress, but I'm happy to say we are moving forward to finishing ALL the projects and just ENJOYING the house!

Do you think it would be fun to get some southern blogging girls together for a weekend? ie, me, you and anyone else that wants to come??? I vote for the beach! Kids welcome too!  I think that's a GREAT idea!  We are so close to the beach - so much so that I plan to go weekly!  COME ON DOWN, Crystal!

Executive Momma asked:  

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?   I never know how to answer this question!  I love watching reality tv - any and all of it.  Seriously.  I wish I could be a Real Housewife.  I love that crap and I love watching any of the wedding shows.  It's so stupid but it sucks me in.  I can sit and watch it hours upon hours and then realize I am sitting in a filthy house that needs to be cleaned but thank GOODNESS I know what's going on with the Real Housewives of NJ (my fave to date, by the way)!

Finally, last question from Anonymous:

You seem to be so creative.  I am sure this must be in your genes.  Tell us a little about your wonderful parents - or maybe just your Mom 

Hmmm, I can NOT imagine WHO would have posted this as anonymous!  I think I am creative, yes, but I 'borrow' a lot of ideas from friends and blogs.  My parents are amazing.  My Dad is so strong-willed (sounds better than stubborn) and has been fighting cancer for the past 6 yrs and appears to be successful in this battle.  I can honestly say we have grown immensely closer over these past 6 yrs, as well as my faith has grown tremendously b/c of it.  I love him so much and have really enjoyed seeing him when he stops by on his travels through Florida.  My Mom is awesome.  I have a very very dear friend  who has a Mom that I absolutely adore and reminds me of my own mother.  I tell her that all the time.  My Mom can cook a HUGE dinner and have it all hot at the same time.  She can sew, she can write and she is hilarious with out even knowing it.  She loves us and has done a fantastic job in raising my sister, my brother and me. She's beautiful and talented and I hope to be JUST LIKE HER when I grow up!  The only thing that I will do is COME VISIT MY DAUGHTER MORE OFTEN when she moves away.  I'm just sayin', ANONYMOUS -- my mom hasn't been to my house since LAST February ... over a YR ago.  Just sayin' .....

Ok friends, that's all!  I hope that you enjoyed the question and answer post and it wasn't too boring!  I have a cool post tomorrow of a little project I did!  

Peace OUT! 

Question & Answer Post COMING SOON!

You girls are AWESOME!  I have some GREAT questions and I am working on the post, to be up tomorrow!  PROMISE PROMISE!! 

I'm also working on gathering things for my 250th post giveaway!

Have a wonderful SUNDAY!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bloggy Slump ....

I totally have hit a slump - don't know what to post, trying to be funny and witty, but it's just not happenin'  .... I now have 25 followers!  YAY ~ go me!  {GRIN} .... I used to not even look at that stuff - but I have to admit, I do look at it every couple days.  I realize 'blog content' is what keeps a lot of people coming back, and I promise to get better, so I THOUGHT I would do an open question - where you ask me questions and I'll answer!  ANYTHING!

SO BRING 'EM, GIRLS!  I know you got 'em!  

OH -- and I just hit my 250th post - HOLY SMOKES - I can't believe it - so I think it's time for a great giveaway - and I think I may do a giveaway of my FAV-O-RITE things!!  I've seen that done on a couple blogs lately and it's always GREAT stuff (well, at least stuff I'd like to have).  

So leave your questions, girls -- I'll post on Saturday!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm swappin' again!

I had SUCH a great time with Mamarazzi's last swap, I'm DOING IT AGAIN!! Join up before it's TOO LATE! I can't wait!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cute last minute hostess gift

I am going to a pj party at my girlfriends house tonight ~ it's going to be a blast! Stacey's best friend is coming in town, and so we were all invited to go over and visit. It has turned into 'wear your pjs' and now turned into 'we may or may not spend the night' -- I can't WAIT! Anyway, I am one of those people that 95% of the time, if going to someone's house, I bring a small hostess gift. Nothing crazy, but I have ran through the bath potion/lotions, candles, notecards, etc and wanted something unique. I was in Wal-Mart picking up last minute things for Princess' camp trip. I spotted this beauty:

THEN ~ I got out my trusty cricut expression and turned it into this:

Yes, I know it's a little crooked, but it's the very first thing I've ever made like this (there is a fleur-de-lis on each end). I am going to go back and fix it. I am tempted to go back and buy more of these buckets to keep on hand - what a great house warming, hostess, whatever gift! I LOVE IT! I think I need to make one for our family as well! Guess what - it was UNDER $10 too!! Hopefully Stacey will not read my blog until AFTER she gets her gift! I know she'll love it - I even matched it to her new patio decor.

Now - I thought I would show y'all some pictures of little Miss Delilah's newest obsession ~ the POOL! Now, I have seen here get in via the steps, but NEVER like this before. See the gray cat up at the top? I'm SURE he was the one that gave Delilah the idea and she just followed him up there - they are buddies.

Sorry, I do not have a picture of her jumping in the pool - but she did. I kinda freaked out. I took the kids to school this morning and left her out back for a little bit. I came back and she was SOAKING - so I knew she had been in the pool. I always wanted a dog that would get in the pool ... until the pool guy told me today that a dog in the pool is like having 80 people in the pool ALL AT ONCE! That much dirt! UGH!!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Friday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a liar!

I did not post all week ~ certainly not as promised!  SHEESH ~ I'm SORRY!!  Anyway, the wedding was beautiful!  Jenn and I did not know anyone except the bride and the hairdresser, but that did not stop us.  We are quite the conversation piece anyway ... it always starts with "Are y'all sisters?" .... depending on the mood we're in, sometimes we'll tell the truth and sometimes we'll just say "NO, we're best friends that have hung out so long that we have begun to look like each other ......you know how owners start to look like their pets?" ...so anyway, here are a few snapshots of the weekend:

Jenn & me ~ just after we finished getting ready.  We had to do our own hair and honestly, quite pleased with the way it turned out.  Our hairdresser that we both saw in Nashville, he was there and I know he must have been thinking 'GIRRRRRLLLL' -- but he said that it looked as good as he would have done it (right .....)
This was right when we got to Memphis.  We were so excited to just be away and be together - we were posin' for pictures every few minutes.  Those limos in the background take you STRAIGHT to Tunica .....

St. Jude Children's Hospital ~ Big Daddy is a BIG advocate for St Jude.  He went there as an artist and a radio guy.  They do a big fundraiser every year here in Florida, so it was nice to finally see the actual hospital.  This is one of the 2 charities our family supports.

Pretty in Pink Megan hooked me UP on the bakery ~ I was looking for one to get cupcakes. We had an impromptu lingerie shower for the bride and I insisted on having gourmet cupcakes.  These were SO good. 

Oh yummmmy ~ the one with the little chocolate chips on top - those were chocolate cake with banana buttercream icing.

I do not have pictures from the actual wedding, but I will post as I get them!  If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you have seen them.  Here is another "Twin Shot" -- we took 500 of these .... well, just because.   The Memphis heat had wrecked havoc on my hair at this point!

The beautiful bride and me!  Leslie was gorgeous and is honeymooning in Jamaica now .... it was such a FUN wedding!!

Now, onto going out AFTER the wedding.  We met up with our old hairdresser and his partner at Alfred's on Beale Street.  If you go to Memphis, YOU MUST GO TO BEALE STREET and yes, it is everything someone from Memphis will tell you it is! CUH-RAZY!  However, I felt very safe with all of the police.  There were just SO many people!!  They shut the street down and it's pretty much a free-for-all! We went dancing at Club 152 which was a LOT of fun.  We danced for 3 hours!!!   We got back to our hotel around 1 AM and were up and at 'em around 7:00 AM to catch our flights back home!

Jenn and I have already decided we will do this every year around this time.  I think next year is either Chicago or Charleston!