Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brain Dump

I' m following suit of my dear friend, Blue Eyed Bride and doing a brain dump. Here goes:

  • I'm still loving my job ... like LOVE it. My immediate supervisor went on vacation 2 weeks after I started and then when he returned, he quit - so I've been kind of tripping through on my own. Luckily, I am not new to this business and have fell right into place, however, it's amazing when someone sees potential in you, invests time in you and wants to see you succeed - therefore, it's almost like I'm working a NEW job, only better because I actually KNOW what I'm doing!
  • Kids are out of school this week for fall break. I have 3 days off - in.a.row. So totally stoked to get some much needed projects done around the house - even though I've got both kids home, plus 2 extra - I plan on putting them to work and rewarding them with Maggie Moo's ice cream.
  • Big Daddy has been home a total of 6 days over the past 6 1/2 weeks. He is loving his job and God continues to bless us for being obediant. The job he has now is NOT the one we moved here for .... and I'll just leave it at that.
  • I'm grateful for my sister and niece (Big Daddy's 24 yr old niece lives with us while in school getting her SECOND degree) - I wouldn't be able to do anything without them.
  • My father is doing amazing -- he needs a post all on his own.
  • I have about 25 thank you notes to write/mail and 5 AWESOME packages to get into the mail.
  • I blame the above not getting done because I pretty much fell into a major funk when we moved here and threw myself into work. But I'm going to do it because I can't not do it and my friends deserve it.
  • I am so excited for the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate at Starbucks.
  • My drapes are almost done for my family room (right, Mom?) and wait until you see how I saved myself $$$ by making my own curtain rod!
  • I have SO many projects on the horizon and will be posting pics as I finish them - HOWEVER - I am doing one room at the time. None of this starting a project in one room, half doing it and then a yr later, finally finishing it.
  • I have LOTS of company coming in the next 2 mths and I'm so super excited to see them. I'm happiest when my house is FULL of people!!
  • I miss my friends in Tampa - still - a lot.
  • Finally - we found a church here. I am BEYOND excited. We went from a LARGE church in Tampa to a very SMALL church here in Georgia. We visited many churches around town and after our 3rd visit, decided we would make this church our home church. SO excited for their vision and to be a part of of the growth of the church. I always thought I needed a BIG church to be fulfilled - not at all. Even at our church in Tampa, we were so plugged in, it didn't feel like a big church. I have really felt this has been the missing piece since our move here, and now I feel completely fulfilled!

That's all - and if you love fried pickles - make sure you come back TOMORROW!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Card Cubby .....

While out with my sister several weeks ago, digging thru my purse to find my Am Ex, she commented that I needed to 'get organized' -- that is the story of my life, y'all -- and one I am passionately pursuing -- time just gets the best of me and I would rather sit and watch HGTV, dreaming about all the things I want to do to our home, tweet, facebook, etc etc etc -- when I really need to be organizing my life, but I digress. My purse is a plethora of cards, all kinds, but they are strewn about not in any real 'place' and it takes me a good 5 min to find whatever card I'm looking for when I need it - so much so, that I've been known to sit in my car, find the card/rewards card/coupon, whatever - before I go into the store, in order to save embarrassement at the checkout counter.

Jenn was very excited about a 'gift' she found that was PERFECT for me -- SO SO PERFECT she exclaimed. Seriously? What could she find that I would need SO desparately.

She literally skipped over Thursday night with a small box in hand, tearing through it as she walked through the door -PROUDLY handing me my 'gift' ....

Enter - The Card Cubby

Y'all - it was like the heavens parted and God sent a little angel in the form of a hot pink 'wallet looking thing' to organize my life. One of my BIGGEST downfalls (my highly disorganized purse) is now fixed. I dumped out my purse on the kitchen table and started organizing my cards - I have a LOT of rewards cards, a couple gift cards, a couple credit cards and a few coupons. It was so great to just put them all in there and KNOW they're organized. I do have a wallet -- a nice one -- but it never shuts right and the stuff never ended back up in there anyway. I'm proud to say, my cards have made their way back into the Card Cubby each time.

So go out and getcha one -- Jenn found them cheaper at QVC -- but they make great gifts!! Trust me, I KNOW!!