Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Supporting Local

Ever since we moved here, every Saturday and Sunday, I would drive by a certain intersection and see the cutest old man selling homemade dog feeders. We had been wanting one for Delilah and I just never had the opportunity to stop. This past Sunday, after church and on our way home from a delicious breakfast at Doug's, we decided to stop. My sister and I took bets on how much the handmade feeders cost.......Big Daddy went to talk to him, came back to the truck and told us $75!! WHAT!?! Noooooo it was only $30 and so we decided to buy one. It reminds me of the woodwork my grandfather used to do. The funny thing is, we had to write him a check and Big Daddy asked the man to just write his name on the check. The man held up his hand and 2 of his fingers were missing!! He laughed and told Big Daddy "Sanding is a hard job!" ....come to find out he worked at Stetson Hats for yrs and lost his fingers in a work accident.

Happy Wednesday!
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