Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday

So yeah ... don't freak out ... but I'm joining in over on my bestie's blog and linking up to We Want to Know Wednesday. Here are the questions:

1.} What is the best, or worst, pick up line you have ever been given?
2.} What is your most and least favorite day of the week?
3.} How many hours of sleep do you require each night?
4.} Is there a song that takes you back in time? What is it and what memory is it attached to?
5.} What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Best or Worst Pick up Line:

I must confess, I think the best pick up line was one that came out of my own mouth. On the very first day I met my husband, I heard him conversing with a friend about my behind - yes, my butt - and he was actually admiring it! I turned around and quickly said "Well, I AM wearing my space pants" and he looked at me, cocked his head to the side and said "Space pants?" and I smiled and said "Yeah, they make my a$$ look out of this world" ... spun around on my heel and walked to my office. (Clearly it worked)

Most Favorite Day of the Week:

Monday -- because in the words of my great friend, Clemson Jenn, it's a fresh, clean, slate. Monday could be the start of the BEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE! Ever since I have changed my way of thinking to that ...well, it sure does change my Mondays!

Least Favorite Day of the Week:

I would say Wednesday - because in my industry, it is typically the SLOWEST day of the week - which means the day DRAGS (unless I am off work - like today!)

How many hours of sleep do I require in a night?

I can function off 4 - but I prefer at least 6.

Song that takes me back in time:

Love Shack by the B52's -- takes me back to the early 90's and one of the funnest summers I ever had w/my sister and my BFF Amber.

Guilty Pleasure:

I really have a bunch: peanut butter & apple jelly sandwiches on fresh WHITE bread, bubble baths, tortilla strips and mango salsa (from Costco), why is everything food related??

So that's it! This was fun - think I'll do it again next week!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Untie the Rope

Hi there -- me again! I really am wishing I could blog more, but darn it if life just keeps me busy-- BUT -- I was sent this email and after reading it several times and almost nearly brought to tears, realized I probably need to just put in on the blog. It's deep. It will make you think. This is an email Tyler Perry sends out and my friend is on the list. ANNNNNYWAY, here is the email - ENJOY!

So, I just finished filming a really good movie called GOOD DEEDS. It's me like you've never seen me before. It comes out in February, brace yourself. :-) There were a lot of long days on this shoot, so I wanted to take a break. I decided to do some traveling and since I still have 20 more pounds to lose before I start my next movie, ALEX CROSS, I thought I would go to the Grand Canyon and do some hiking, climbing and so on. At one point in the climbing, I was over a steep drop and was tied to a safety rope, while a buddy's safety rope was tied to me. It was my responsibility to help him up, since I was bigger and weighed more. I told him, "I'll hold on to you to help you up but if you start to pull me over with you, I'm going to untie this rope." We had a good laugh about it, but I was serious... :-)

I started thinking about that moment a few days ago. How many times are we tied to a person, people or things that are pulling us down and we won't untie the rope? For whatever reason, be it family, friends, society, or just the feeling of being obligated, trapped or that if you don't, no one else will. I have watched so many people go over a cliff with a person that they are trying to help up, it's sad. YOU MUST UNTIE THE ROPE!!! This is your life and you are wasting it being tied to someone who is destroying his or her opportunities and yours. If the person that you are trying to help does not know that they are worth being saved, how do you expect them to put any value on you saving them? You're not worth it to them. They can't get it! SO YOU NEED TO! Listen to me, untie the rope and don't lose yourself trying to hold on to someone who can't survive on your level. You hear me? Maybe they have gone as high as they can go. Just because you can survive on that level doesn't mean that everyone else can. Stop trying to help them, UNTIE THE ROPE! I know you may feel this is cruel, but what is more cruel is dying a death that's not your own. Letting your destiny go to hell because someone else pulled you there. Are you kidding me? That isn't God!

Here is what I have learned over the almost 20 years that I have been in this business. Let me tell you, I have seen and worked with some of the most talented people you can imagine and I used to wonder why they never got any higher than they are. You know, the kind of people who always seem to be at the door, but never can go in. It used to blow my mind until I got a revelation from God.For many years I was the same way, I would get close and things would fall apart. I couldn't get any traction, not in my career, not in my personal life and not in the pursuit of happiness. I just couldn't move forward. Through much prayer and self-discovery, I found out that I used to be, notice I said "USED TO BE," a self-saboteur. I would find a way to subconsciously destroy every good thing that was in my life and I didn't even know I was doing it. Most self-sabotaging people don't know that they are doing it. I don't think there is anyone sadder than a person who blames everyone else, but themselves for their situation.

The very revelation that I was causing my own problems was one of the greatest blessings God could have allowed me to see. Once I realized the behavior, I was able to change it. That is why my life is in such a great place right now. I realized that my very thoughts were keeping me from being successful at everything. "So, as a man thinketh, so is he."Many times a lot of us sabotage subconsciously because of what mamma or daddy said, traumatic childhoods or any number of things that happened growing up that made us feel that we shouldn't have or that we didn't deserve it. I'm here to tell you all, that misinformation was wrong. You do deserve it! You are worthy of it! For me, knowing that Jesus died and rose again makes me know we are all worthy. Why am I saying this? I'm just tired of people being upset with people who have realized their dreams. The only difference in someone who is living their dream and someone who can't get it to come to pass is they don't feel they deserve it. They don't feel they are worthy of it. So many of us have dreams, dreams that the world is waiting for, talents that will help heal and change nations, but we keep destroying our own successes. I know for a fact that if I had not figured this out, you wouldn't be reading this email right now. Nor would I be a happy soul.The world is waiting for your gift. Give it to yourself and you will give it to them, but first you have to UNTIE THE ROPE. Tyler