Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm such a loser ....

So it's been FOR-EV-AH since I've updated ... and I've been totally inconsistent! It's because I have been co-chairing an event that takes place in just 11 days ~ 11 days people!! There are SO many things left to do, but I am convinced it will all fall into place. It has to! We are at a new venue and we're totally changing up the pace, so I'm excited for it to get here, but nervous all the same! We are expecting over 300 people!!  Please pray that God will continue to have His hands in our event -- he has already shown up in so many areas!

So here's a sneak peek at some family photos we just had done .... Torrie is one of the BEST!!   She always does an incredible job of capturing our family.  I can't wait to see the rest!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another year older ....

So today I turned 33 ~ nothing exciting, just another day it seemed.  I have ALWAYS embraced my birthday -- I love it and TRULY believe in birth'weeks' -- some people don't like to celebrate their birthday, but I say it's completely acceptable to celebrate because it is BETTER than the alternative!!

I had to work today, and I mean ALL DAY!  We are having a HUGE festival here and it is being sponsored by the Foundation that I volunteer with - so I signed up to work a booth not even REALIZING that I signed up to work it on my birthday.   I went to bible study this morning and my total blessing of a friend, Shawn, brought me an ice-cold coke (my caffeine of choice) and then I went to a meeting!  They had the most beautiful cake for me!!

I am big 'mail' person ... I LOVE to get mail (that isn't bills) and I had 4 cards in the mail today!!  
I have a big weekend ~ I'm modeling in a fashion show Sat morning and then Sat night we are going to a gala and I hope to celebrate some there!!  

You can tell I'm tired ...... I'm just barely posting .... 

Monday, October 6, 2008

What we've been up to ....

I certainly have been neglecting my blog ... not on purpose though .. we certainly have had a lot going on. Last Friday night, Kennedy and I went to a lock-in for her cheerleading team. I chaperoned ... I slept 2 hrs. It was fun but I will bring an air mattress the next time.

This was right before we left - I had to take a picture by placing the camera on a table and hitting the timer.  My lil' punkin had a GREAT time though ...

I made these cute little signs for the kids.  I saw it on another blog, but she had to paint her letters.  I found these black glitter letters in the $1 section at JoAnn's and then I used .87 orange ribbon and 2 upholstery tacks to put it all together!  Not bad for 2 signs (I did one for each kid).   This is Kennedy's door -- she is endorsing Chad Brock for President ... and I think a Bratz for VP .. but wait ... what does that say in the pink??

"Cheer for Jon McCane" ... THAT'S OUR GIRL!!  Now, I don't normally talk politics and I WON'T on this blog -- BUT it's my blog -- and I still visit the ones daily that endorse Obama and that's fine -- because we live in the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we have a choice. She said "Daddy, why don't you like Obama, he has our name?" and Chad threw a t-total fit and said "NO HE DOESN'T, blah blah blah" ... you know, like she's 30 and all and having a real conversation and she said "Yes Daddy, his name is Brock Obama ... DUH!" -- DUH!!  
She made a pom pom ... and when she runs out of space, she just fits it all in - God Love Her ...
Finally, we've been chasing around this new little munchkin ... this is Star.  She melted Chad's heart at the studio last week and so we adopted her from the SPCA.  We have her sister, Macy, also.  She hides a lot.  Until I can coax her out from underneath our bed, I'll get a picture of her as well.
Have a great week - hoping to post bathroom pictures soon - I painted (just repainted - same colors and used leftover paint) and just waiting for the fixtures to get here!