Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Brocks have OFFICIALLY lost their minds!

Family room
Part of kitchen area
Our 'stuff' ~ outside on the lanai
You know I couldn't leave out a potty picture! This is the playroom.

Yep! We couldn't just let it be.... once we got our bathroom done, we got a deal too good to be true to replace all the flooring in our house (well, almost all of it). It's a good thing because we have some pretty nasty cracks that we are having repaired while we are at it. I am so excited ~ it's going to be beautiful! They came in and made a complete WRECK of our house today, but they cleaned it all up. Tile will go down tomorrow, grout on Thursday and finish on Friday! The best part is now I can finally paint behind all toilets!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Construction is complete ~ almost!

We lack a window sill, but that will be in on Monday! We have also decided to install a frameless shower enclosure ~ it should really complete the look we are going for! Believe it or not, I got on my hands and knees and cleaned the floors with cleaner and polish for the travertine. I absolutely love it - I just need to figure out what I want to do with my curtains that I have in there - keep them or get new ones! The picture of the toilet is for my TN friends ~ just to prove my toilet is where it is supposed to be ~ it did sit in the front of the house for 3 days though! HA!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

One word ~ INCREDIBLE!

In the "Vibe Room" at Soul2Soul II 2007

My girl still got it going on ~ 39, 3 kids and not a freaking FLAW on her face -- nobody tell Faith how Tim really has his arm around me .... he is holding on rather tightly, although I think Chad is probably holding on to Faith a little tightly as well! She is just so beautiful and quite stunning when they walk in to a room together. I think they are probably the most famous people I have ever met thus far!! SO down to earth and treated us like they have known us for years!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

End of Day ONE
Where's the potty? Dang, my house looks good at night!

The end of day one and they are DONE with the shower! This is just a 'rough draft' as they still have to grout and seal. They will work on the tub and the floor tomorrow, grout and seal! I am so excited ~ I'm beside myself!!

I have also attached a picture of the front of the house -- just for Rachel Spence. It is a "Where's Waldo" but we have hidden the toilet! Yes, my toilet is in the front yard of my house ~ you guys have your kids and their diapers and crunked up sprinklers - I got toilets!



Yes, we finally are doing it ... we got an insane deal on some tile and so we decided to get it to remodel our master bathroom. Chad keeps asking "When is this going to end?" -- doesn't he know it NEVER ends? At least we'll have this portion done .... anyway, the guys are here and they are demolishing and it sure is DUSTY!! I've attached some before pictures and will update as they progess ......

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girls Weekend at The Ritz Carlton ~ Orlando

What happens when you take 8 friends and throw them together in 2 CLUB LEVEL rooms at the Ritz Carlton for a night? WE'LL NEVER TELL - but we had a BLAST and made many memories! We all went in celebration of Stacey and Shannon's birthday and decided that we would need to take a tour of all the Ritz Carlton hotels in Florida. Next stop - Sarasota! Hope they are stocked up on food and drinks because it's all you can eat on the club level and we DEFINITELY took advantage of that! The pool was phenomenal, we learned 2 new words - scrumpetts, striplets or something like that and loquacious (to be chatty). SO MUCH FUN!!! I myself had an incredible time and made 2 new friends that I know I'll be friends with forever! I think I laughed more in the last 24 hrs than I have in a really long time! THANK YOU girls -- it was so much fun and I look forward to our next adventure!

Monday, July 16, 2007

It wasn't me -- I did not eat the rest of the brownie mix!

We are still trying to figure out who could have POSSIBLY ate the rest of the brownie batter? Anyone got any ideas?!?!?!

My kid(s) can SO swim ~ Part TWO!

Pappy, Kennedy and Cameron
Kennedy and Cameron - JUMPING IN - NO FEAR!!!
Kick Kick Kick!!

Sunday afternoon was quite dull at the Brock house. Daddy was gone, doing what Daddy does best - hunting - and so I decided to let the kids swim - little did I know this would be a 7 hr ordeal! My Dad came in town this weekend and the kids were swimming so he decided to swim with them for a little bit - he even missed the NASCAR race to hang with them!! Anyway, Dad was determined to get Cameron swimming, so he gave him this little float ring and off my kid went - as you can see from the pictures - he has NO FEAR of the water - actually, after I had to jump in - fully clothed - because Cameron had wiggled out of his float and flipped over - we put a vest on him and then lodged the ring around him -- that made him REALLY confident. They swam for 6 1/2 hours! Kennedy crashed like a true BELL girl and Cameron - well, no, Cameron stayed up until almost 10:30 pm - guess he was overstimulated! BUT we had a blast and to top off the day - Cameron pee-pee'd in the potty TWO TIMES!!! WOO HOO - GO CAMERON!

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

My kid can SO swim ....

If you haven't noticed - a lot of my blogs are swim based - because that is all we do. I knew Kennedy would figure out swimming eventually. That's what I did - I don't remember ever having a swim lesson, we just figured it out. Well, my kid has figured it out. She is jumping, diving, swimming underwater, you name it. It's especially funny when a baby frog got in the pool and she flipped out. Anyway - here are some pics of Kennedy swimming. She has not got the diving quite nailed yet. It's more like a belly flop but we've got the whole summer ... and fall ... for her to figure it out!


Monday, July 2, 2007

Operation Perfect Vision - Part TWO - NOW COMPLETE

Stay tuned .....