Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm heading out for my first EVER business trip -- I feel so grown up. I'm traveling to our corporate office in Dallas, TX and they were nice enough to book my flight EARLY in the day so I could relax a bit before heading into the office tomorrow.

I'm not staying long - just one day - but I will travel lightly with my job. Depending on which territory I get, I'll either be heading NORTH {think REALLY North ... like NEW YORK North} or SOUTH {fingers crossed for SOUTH} once a quarter.

** update on house ** I started painting the guest bathroom and let me tell you - it's TOTALLY different than painting the textured walls in Florida. Once I realized I was making a bigger mess than I normally do, I stopped. I will finish when I get home. HOWEVER, not having the textured walls does make it a WHOLE lot faster to paint because you only need one good coat. Which, for me, is a good thing.


Sheri said...

can't wait to see it - be safe on your trip!

Holly said...

have a safe trip!