Thursday, November 17, 2011

Once a Month Cooking - Freezer Meals

So I've decided (and convinced my sister) to jump on the OAMC bandwagon....I cooked about 5 meals yesterday and they are packed away in the freezer for the rest of the week. My plan is to do an all day cooking and get about 20-25 meals prepared. I work so much and don't get home until 7:00 most days - so this will make my life easier! I will post recipes soon - want to test these that I made first. OH and you can even prepare crockpot meals for OAMC....just put all your ingredients in a freezer bag and thaw the night before. Throw it all I the crockpot the next day and VOILA!

Anyone do this or have any tips you can offer??


CowgirlEsq said...

That is a cool idea. I will be so impressed if you cook that many meals in one day. You could always double certain recipes (like soups, chili, etc.) so you have enough for 2 meals. My mom makes lasagna and chicken pot pies and freezes them for when she may need them later. They always seem to taste fine. Make sure you wrap dishes like that in plastic to prevent freezer burn though.

Melissa said...

I do this all of the time! I spend one day a week getting everything cooked (double portions) for the rest of the week & freeze the extra. Life saver!!!

Shawn said...

I need to Google OAMC.

I'm so proud of you cooking, cleaning and blogging all in the same week!

Dishy Decorator said...

Check out pinterest. There's lots of freezer and crock pot meals. Here's my "pins".

ms.composure said...

ooooh my...those do look good! def a gr8 idea

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