Tuesday, January 12, 2010

.........how are we almost 1/2 way thru JANUARY!?

This weekend went by so fast - I swear I went to sleep Friday, woke up and it was already Monday!!

Friday night, I had a lock-in w/Princess's cheerleading squad. It certainly did not disappoint! We went bowling and then headed back to the gym and played games, ate pizza and slept ... well, all except that LAST part!! At 1:30 AM, I literally could not fight it anymore and crashed. I woke up at 6:30 AM absolutely freezing my tail off and found girls strewn all over the place. I woke Princess up at 8:45 to go home and she informed me she didn't go to sleep until 5 AM!! It made for a very difficult rest of the day for her but I think she is finally caught up on her sleep!!

Yesterday was Wild Child's 5th birthday! Gosh, I look at him and can't even believe he's 5 {which he has reminded me about 500x that he is not 4 anymore}. It seems like he has grown overnight and just this morning, I realized he is up to my hip in height!!

Wild Child loves a particular character in a video game, and so we had this character (a friend) call and wish Wild Child "Happy Birthday" and it was HYSTERICAL! The video is too long to post, but if you follow me on Twitter, I was able to get it posted there!!

My gluten-free ways are still in force, although I did cheat this weekend w/the pizza and boy did I EVER pay for it!! Menu Monday will resume NEXT week & I hope to be able to mix in some g-free stuff too!!

Have a great Tuesday, my sweets!


Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, that boy is going to be a heartbreaker!!!!! :)

My Blonde, Now Brunette Reality said...

I'm so gald that the Wild Child had a good birthday!

I can't wait to see some of your GF recipes too. I know that I am feeling so much better. Going gf hasn't been to hard for me, just because I feel SO much better! Have a great day girl!

Jess said...

He's adorable and looks like such a little man.

LOL.... cheerleading lock-ins. I remember those. WAY before my cheerleading days, my mom hosted a birthday party for me.... it was at her daycare and was probably the biggest slumber party ever. I still remember her doing that for me, just as I'm sure Princess will always remember you sleeping on a gym floor for her :)

CowgirlLawyer said...

He is adorable!! Glad he had a good bday!!

Holly said...

My baby boy will be five in August! I cant believe how quick they grow up. So is he going to kindergarten this fall?

Anonymous said...

wow, it seems like just yesterday i picked JJ's kids up from the Peanut Gallery and met y'all at the hospital to see "Baby Cameron."

...and now i'm back at the same place FAMC...


Shawn said...

He is most definitely my favorite 5 year old little boy!