Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You MUST check out this site .....

I was recently asked to be in a wedding and we have been on the hunt for bridesmaid shoes to go with our totally rockin' bridesmaid dress. Can't post a pic of the dress b/c they are being CUSTOM made .... yes, you read right ... CUSTOM. I'm so excited, although I nearly barfed when the dude told me my measurements!

Let me put it this way .... I can not eat crap and not gain weight anymore.

SO - ANNNNNYWAYS, I had been searching for shoes and could only find expensive ones, and since this whole bridal party is on a budget, I knew I needed to find shoes that were not incredibly expensive, but still nice looking! Impossible, right? No....

I remembered a post my friend, The Dishy Decorator did about Go Jane. I decided to troll around on the website and lo and BEHOLD, what did appear??

Oh, and guess what?? They are $10.60 ... yes, 10 AMERICAN dollars.

Guess what else? They came in today and they fit WONDERFUL and are so comfortable!

While I was buying all the shoes for the bridesmaids, I needed to add ONE MORE PAIR of SOMETHING so I could get free shipping ..... and I found these:

I know to some of you, they may look a little crazy, but I put them on when I got home and they are AWESOME! The heel is high, but it's nothing more than I'm used to....they look GREAT with jeans.

So go check out Go Jane ~ you'll be glad you did. For the record, I bought the size I normally wear and they fit perfect!

... and no, this is not a compensated review, but I DO have a very exciting giveaway coming up this month! STAY TUNED!


Amy Lynn said...

I can't believe those shoes were only 10 bucks! They are so pretty! I wish I had known about this site when I was a bridesmaid back in May. I had the hardest time finding Ivory shoes!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the whole ensemble :)

carrie1 said...

UMMMM..... thank you for my new OBSESSION! My sister and I were dying over these nicely priced shoes! I will be placing an order for a few pairs here in the next few days! =)

SouthernBelleJM said...

I'm going to this site right now!!! thanks=)

Jill said...

Oh my gosh... $10.60!!! What a great deal. I'm going to check out this site. Thanks for sharing.

kado! said...

cute..and $10!!!! wow!

I'm in my sister-in-laws wedding this Summer..I can't wait!!! Yeah! fun!