Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 - New Year / New Outlook

We rang in the new year with our new neighbors and had an absolute blast! It was a great time and Big Daddy got to show off his pop n' lock moves - a sure sign of a good time!

We spent New Year's Day using the gift cards that were burning a hole in my pocket (new Uggs for me) and returning Christmas gifts. I went with my sister and we had an absolute BLAST!

We had our dinner of ham, collared, black eyed peas and mac n' cheese. It was SO GOOD! After that, we settled in and watched 'Step Up 3' and 'Easy A' - both great movies!!

We ended the weekend playing Just Dance 2 at my sisters. Loads of fun. Seriously. I think I could play this every couple days and use this as a workout! I attached a video of my neice and my daughter playing it ... and now and then you can catch a peek of my sister! Ha!

Got lots more updates coming - kitchen is almost finished - can't wait to post what we've done!
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mint juleps and magnolias said...

Y'all are adorbs. Happy New Year.


Shawn said...

Ummm where's the video?

Great picture of you and, and, and...crap I forgot that crazy girls name, anyway, great picture!

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