Monday, January 2, 2012

52 in 52

I'm linking up with my best friend, Shawn, and listing my 52 in 52. I do not make resolutions .... Why set myself up for failure?? So instead, I'll make a list of goals and things I'd like to accomplish in this new year!

1. Each month, randomly send a card to a friend - handwritten. I used to be so good about this but have fallen off. Very important to me to start this and keep this up!

2. Go to bed every night with a clean kitchen.

3. Keep my car CLEAN and clutter free (this will require help from my children)

4. Take the dogs on a good walk at least twice a week

5. OAMC cooking - every month (I have already completed this for Jan!!!)

6. Have lunch OUT with someone at work at least once/month -- preferably someone new or that I don't know well.

7. Mail bday gifts on TIME

8. Make monthly breakfast table for kids (ie: decorate table for beginning of month)

9. Keep my nails looking nice.

10. Wear what I have and shop from closet

11. Pay cash

12. Plan and book girls trip with Jenn and Amber

13. Dinner or lunch with Mom and Jenn once/mth

14. Light a candle on the 23 of every month

15. Do not leave the house without accessorizing (this may sound silly, but I have friends that always look so put together. I realized the other day it's because they are always accessorized)

16. Buy and wear matching socks

17. Drink more water!

18. Make appointment with dermatologist and come up with regimen for skin

19. Join gym at work and go at least 3x/week

20. Say 'yes' more when invited places

21. Leave work on TIME

22. Have lunch with the kids at school on my days off.

23. Make more phone calls and less text messages

24. Unplug on the weekends

25. Get all new fresh towels - the good ones

26. Start a gift closet

27. Blog at LEAST once/week

28. Keep my closet clean and organized (this will help with the decision to convert a bedroom into a closet/dressing room)


30. Repaint some furniture

31. Get my kids rooms decorated on a budget

32. Go to bed at a decent hour

33. Wake up and GET OUT OF THE BED when the alarm goes off (the first time)

34. Quit procrastinating

35. Focus more at work to take territory to the next level

36. Make bed every day before leaving and make sure kids beds are made every day.

37. Once a month massage (for real)

38. Plan trip to TN to visit friends

39. Come up with something super creative as a gift for our girls weekend in July.

40. Learn to sew

41. Spend more time with my brother

42. Plan trip to Tampa to visit friends

43. Get rid of clutter (this may take me all year)

44. Get fresh flowers monthly for my office (I spend a lot of time there)

45. Keep car washed and clean

46. Do laundry at least every other day, fold and put away

47. Spend more time in the Word!!

48. Keep seasonal flowers planted in front yard.

49. Read the paper and just read more in general

50. Sleep with the tv off (this is huuuuuuge for me, but I sleep so much better when I remember to turn off the tv before I go to sleep).

51. Get some cute pajamas and wear them!!

52. Love more....


Cas said...

Love this idea. So funny that several of them I would not have thought of, but I need to do too!

Shawn said...

I love that you're joining me! I see several things on that list that are totally doable. I'm going to be your biggest cheerleader!

Love you!

Kali Morgan said...

I really like number 42! :)

Sonali said...

Love this post

Sonali said...

I love this post, there are things on this list which I too used to do once upon a time, and should make a part of my life again.
Also love your 20-meal cooking idea, although it sounds exhausting!
All I have ever tried doing is cook for 2 days at a time.
Sonali @

busanalayali said...

woww great post good luck..
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