Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"FINE! I'll just have bad dreams ....."

That is what I heard from my 4 (almost 5) year old last night with her hand perched on her hip after telling her she had to sleep in her own bed. See, ever since Kennedy started this new school, she has busted out with some crazy stuff. Those of you that know us well know my kid is already a nutcase, but somehow she is fixated on bad dreams and she associates sleeping in her bed with giving her bad dreams. SO - guess who REFUSES to sleep in her bed??? She has slept with me and Chad, on the couch, in our new leather recliner, everywhere BUT in her bed. She told me the other day that she really wanted a dreamcatcher -- you know Mommy, the one that is a circle with feathers and stuff. Now, we are not of any kind of American Indian so I have no clue as to where she may have heard this (I'm betting on school - isn't that where they learn most stuff?). I absolutely REFUSE to get her one because, well frankly, it won't match her room and I've finally got her room ALMOST to the ultimate cuteness. While at my friend Kandi's house, we were chatting about a beautiful red cardinal windchime she had received. We were trying to think of where to put it and I said 'Hang it out on a shepherd's hook in your yard in the back' ~ we both went outside and we put the new cardinal windchime up and she said she would have to do something with the other butterfly yard ornament she had hanging on the hook. She then said "I ought to give it to Kennedy" --- see Kennedy and Mrs. Kandi have this 'connection' like no other I've seen with a non family member. I channeled my inner Kim Wheeler and said "I can hang it in her room and tell her it is a dream catcher!" -- so with a little elbow grease and some green and gold paint, we transformed it in to a BEAUTIFUL dream catcher. The best part ~ it goes with her room!


kim said...

looks cute!!! I must have been pretty clear in the channeling!!! hehehe!!