Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy was OVERJOYED to get the Magic Bullet (it's a BLENDER -- as seen on TV) ~ he had wanted one at Christmas and since he had just gotten the 4-wheeler - he didn't get much else! SO Kennedy and I went shopping yesterday and after stopping at Build-A-Bear (I'm such a sucker - but she was SUCH a good girl), eating a pretzel at Pretzel Time in the food court and then being terrorized by the Chick-fil-A cow (those of you that attended Madelynn Gordon's birthday party know how traumatizing this is for my child) we headed to Kohl's to find Daddy's blender. This is where we found the 'cat' card. Kennedy insisted on getting this card. She did this hilarious laugh in the store because, as she said, it was just SO FUNNY! See, Chad hates my cats (but they LOVE him). Our cats have a tendency to have a hairball here and there and this card said "Let's have a ball on Father's Day" and then when you open the card, it says "Wait while I cough one up" -- so as funny as it was, it was quite appropriate. The last picture is of the kids doing the 'blah' -- so cute.
So here's wishing all you Dads out there a VERY Happy Father's Day!


Amber said...

That is so FUNNY. The look on Kennedy's face is priceless.

kim said...

when did you get another cat???