Monday, August 13, 2007


Kennedy ~ 3 mths old
Kennedy ~ 5 years old!

The weekend is over and my baby girl is officially FIVE years old! We had a party, we had Adventure Islands yesterday and today Daddy brought home more presents from his co-worker, Ms. Rita! Ms. Rita gave Kennedy a Barbie lunch box, perfect for her school lunch and a totally cool watch! Kennedy LOVES watches! Daddy also brought home THE PRIMO GIFT ~ The Bratz new DVD ... so Kennedy will have at least 6 hrs of entertainment (as she will watch it over and over again until she gets bored with it). The mail man brought Kennedy TONS of Aqua Dots from Nina, Pappy, Uncle Jimmy, Uncle Shawn, Aunt JJ, Sydney and MacK (and some candy ....... gee thanks, payback is hell!). All in all, we had a great weekend and I can't believe in just one short week, Kennedy will OFFICIALLY be a kindergartener!


Jenn said...

The candy was for Cameron...HA HA HA HAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH.

Love YOU!!

Ber said...

Life is going by so fast!