Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kennedy's 5th Birthday Party!

The birthday "princess"

Kennedy and Tyra

We did a SPA 5th birthday party which consisted of hair and nails ~ and a sore back for Mommy (from leaning over braiding everyone's hair!) but it was SO worth it! Kennedy had 13 of her friends over and they had a blast! We did crafts while they waited for their 'spa appointment' and then ate yummy cupcakes made by Ms. Kandi ~ they even matched our color scheme of pink and green! All in all it was a super fun day and tomorrow we go to Adventure Islands for her "REAL" birthday!

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the mommy said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy! Looks like you had a blast and you look so much like your mom!! you know I blew that picture up and checked out the glasses on the table. Looks super cute!!

Kim said...

Kennedy is so beautiful . . .loved the pose in the last picture!!!

heather said...

I can't believe how big she is our little ponytail head! Poses just like you Nat!!