Monday, October 15, 2007



Opening presents ~ FUN!

SO CUTE! courtesy of Publix

I have the BEST girlfriends! Friday night was a normal Friday night for me. Boring, nothing going on. I had talked to a few of my girlfriends earlier in the day and we chit-chatted, but nothing out of the ordinary. I even had coffee with Kandi that morning before we started our work day! Shannon (my neighbor and dear friend) had called and asked if I wanted to come over and hang out for a little while since her husband was working late. Around 6:30, Chad had suggested we go to dinner and I told him that I was going to go over to Shannon's a little later. Little did I know, he was simply encouraging me to get in the SHOWER! I had worked in the yard for about an hour once I got home from work and was not presentable at ALL!

Around 7:15, Shannon called to see if I was still coming. I asked her if it would be ok if I came over in my pajamas because I wanted to take a shower. She said "SURE! I'm in my pjs too" (LIAR!!!!) ~ so imagine my surprise when I casually walk over to Shannon's with a box of makeup stuff I had received in the mail that day and I walked in to 10 of my girlfriends screaming SURPRISE! I screamed - in FEAR - and turned around and walked in to laundry room and shut the door. I had to process everything that was happening ~ I had no idea. Then I started crying because I couldn't believe everyone was THERE! LOOK at my feet ~ yes, let's just pretend I was trying on my Halloween costume, but at least I was comfortable.

Shannon, Shawn, Pam, Alisa, Lara, Susan, Julie, Renee, Stacey and Kandi ~ THANK YOU for making this one of the best birthdays ever! It really meant the WORLD to me and I love you guys!


Kim said...

And what is up with those corny shoes & socks????? Happy birthday!!

Natalie said...

Shoes were purely for logistical purposes of walking over to Shannon's and not getting my warm socks dirty. I kicked them off as soon as those jokers screamed "SURPRISE!"

strotti said...

Let's just clarify the whole sock thing shall we. Look closely, very,very, closely. My new favorite person, our own dear Natalie, is wearing two different socks. As if the socks and flip flops were not horrible enough on their own, right! I have only two word for you my love, no mirrors! Clearly I am going to have to have a serious intervention on your ass!

You know I love your Wal-Mart pant wearing skinny butt dontcha!