Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas RECAP ~ 2007

After Santa left ....ahhh look at those beautiful 'new' floors!

Our guard dog protecting all the presents Santa left ...

Cameron and his 'tars'

Kennedy's reaction after I told her we were going to see Hannah Montana ... stone cold and then said "Can Daddy get us backstage?"

Christmas was exciting this year at our house! Cameron is finally old enough to understand at least the 'opening presents' part - the hard part was keeping him from opening presentst that were not HIS! We were lucky enough to sleep in until 8:30 and then the craziness started. Cameron's big gift was the train table. Kennedy got a bike from Santa and although Santa did not think Cameron would care about a bike, it was what nearly started World War III right here at our house. SO, luckily, Cameron has a birthday in just a few weeks and he has requested a 'tismas' bike or a Spiderman bike. Ask him - he'll tell ya -- he wants a bike. Chad and I did not exchange gifts this year, although "Santa" did bring an xbox 360 (dubbed the 'family gift' although only one BIG KID has even played with it so far) and he left a beautiful new set of Wolfgang Puck cookware!! Chad and I were really trying hard to get our children to understand the true meaning of CHRISTmas ~ Santa did not go overboard either ~ for the first time in 5 yrs!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and here is wishing you the HAPPIEST of New Year's!!

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Kim said...

Kennedy's face is funny in the "Hannah Montana" picture. I really hope Chad can get her back stage!?