Wednesday, January 2, 2008

CSI - Valrico

I so wish I was making this stuff up .....

From Tampa Bay's News Channel 10:

Valrico, Florida - Hillsborough deputies say three men who robbed a Valrico Subway Sunday night and fire two shots inside are part of the gang called "Bloods". They also say one of the men put a gun to the female Subway clerks head.
Deputies say at 9:18 PM the suspect went into the Subway located at 3208 Lithia Pinecrest Road with what appeared to be white T-shirts wrapped around their faces.
According the to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office the suspects grabbed the femal clerk and put a gun to her head while demanding money. The suspects got the money and as they were leaving deputies say one of them fire a shot inside. The bullet hit the freezer.
The suspects drove off. Deputies put out an alert and a deputy spotted the suspects on Highway 60 in Brandon. The men crashed their car into the wall at the Eaglewood Estates. That's on Mulrennan and at Imperial Eagle drive. The suspects were eventually caught. Deputies found money from the robbery, a handgun, and a rifle in the suspects car.
Deputies arrested 20-year-old James Michael Davis, 18-year-old Lavone Hill, and 23-year-old Rodney Brenard Richardson. Deputies say all three men belong to the "Bloods".

This was a crazy night. One of the funniest nights in our neighborhood was when we first moved in. We heard helicoptors, saw police cars driving down the street with their lights on (IN our street) and so I was on the phone with my neighbor Shannon - who, like me, does NOT like the sound of the helicopter because it's just never good. The guys were all standing out in the street talking to a cop who told them there was a fugitive that had robbed this large automotive store and was on the run. Shannon's husband decided, at this time, it would be funny to run out into the street with a pair of black pantyhose over his face. He scared the living daylights out of Chad, who reared back to punch the living daylights out of 'the robber'. Chris ripped the pantyhose off his head just in the nick of time .... funny. SO fast forward about a year or so and we have Sunday night. Shannon calls "Do you hear the helicopters? What's going on? Tell Chad to call one of his police friends" ... so Chad calls and this time, it's pretty serious. We were instructed to stay inside, lock all of our doors and turn on all of our lights as well as to alert any of our neighbors of the same. The 3 guys were armed with 2 guns and were IN our neighborhood. Chad went outside (fully protected mind you) and walked down to talk to the cops. At this point, they had captured 2 of the guys (the DOGS got 'em) and they had the other guy 'hemmed in' (police talk I guess). Luckily, by 10:30, everyone was caught and we were on the 11:00 news. This photo was taken today and it is entrance of our neighborhood. The house JUST on the other side of that wall belongs to a Hillsborough County Deputy .....

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Melissa Santanastasio said...

ok i totall am envisoing west side story while i am reading your post. i see you standing outside singing some musical number. classic the bloods, i mean they still exist.

Kim said...

are you sure that wasn't Spring Street??