Friday, January 11, 2008


3 yrs ago TODAY ~ born at 3:33 pm on 1/11 (see the weird number deal there??)

I see SO much of my side of the family in this picture (in all aspects) - one of the only times Cameron looked like something OTHER than a Brock.

One of my favorite pictures - July 4, 2005

He finally got his bike!!

Outta my way (seriously - that is what he is saying!)

Such a party animal!!

He figured he could ride it like a scooter for now ... ignore the Sam's club size paper towels and vaccuum cleaner in the background (that's for YOU ~ Shawn) ... at least you know we're are semi-clean (or TRY to be).

Gettin' the hang of it!

Ohhhhh ... THIS is how you do it!

Getting a little help from our best friend Madelynn ...

Getting birthday wishes from Nina and Pappy!!

I'll never forget making the phone call to Chad to let him know we were having a boy! He was in Maine ~ on the road touring ~ and he cried like a big 'ol baby. We still cry - but for different reasons - because we wonder what on EARTH we did to tick the GOOD LORD off after seeing some of the things this kid is capable of!! He is well beyond his 3 yrs (finally) and can work an iphone so well it will BLOW YOUR MIND! We can now hold complete conversations and communicate with Cameron AND know what he is saying (most of the time). He still says his 'c's as t's ... but for right now, it's cute. His teachers love him at school .... and say he is the class clown! He loves shoes too ..... hard to believe our baby boy is 3 yrs old today - seems like yesterday I was about to laugh and deliver him (seriously .. ask my sister). He is a complete JOY and makes me laugh every single day! We love you, Cameron!!!

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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!!

Melissa Santanastasio said...

He is too cute!
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bubby!! We love you and miss you!!

Anissa Mayhew said...


Happy belated birthday to your beautiful boy!! Three is exciting, it'll be a fun year of learning and patience-testing! God blessed you with a wonderful family and I hope that 2008 continues to rain love and happiness down on you all.

I'm so sad to read about Kennedy and Roscoe. That had to be so frightening, poor baby. I know you did the right thing, safety is the most important thing, but it must have been hard to take him back. Tell Kennedy that we'll be praying for her healing and for her heart to feel better. That "pray for me" thing was just precious. Don't you just wish that we all knew to do that first?

Lots of love,