Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ohhhh, mama got a new toy!

I title this one "pretty purple flower"
and this one is called "I'm nearly dead" ... see the blurry purple flower in front? I didn't do that on purpose, but I think it looks COOL!!

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Hey -- lemme outta here!

Today, the UPS man brought me something I have been waiting - what seems like forever - for! My new NIKON D40 with 2 additional lenses. I am SO excited. I immediately popped in the included charged battery and started snapping at whatever I could. I actually got pictures of my cat (who has now come out of hiding now that Roscoe is gone) in mid yawn, stretching, meowing, sleeping, etc. SO I decided to venture outside for 'nature' shots. Well, since we had a frost last week, everything is dead. EVERYTHING except a couple plants by my front door .... I just HAD to see the detail of the camera and sure enough, I SCORED. I researched and researched cameras before I decided on the Nikon D40. I really was going to get the Canon Rebel XT, however, it took a different card and I already had the one the Nikon took - plus for just $40 more, I got the add'l lens on the Nikon plus a couple DVDs on how to use the camera, etc etc etc. I especially intended to have the camera for Kennedy's cheerleading and all the things we have going on this year, so I'm really excited!! Kim - now you have to get yours!! It's worth it girl!!

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Kim said...

I know, I know - I really think it might be the next big purchase!! You know that is alot of paintings that I must sell!!!????