Saturday, April 19, 2008

Recovering from the week ....

It has not been a good week in the Brock household. We're fine. Those of you that know me well, ya'll know what happened and the rest of you can just call one of these people (if you know them) and ask them - b/c I'm not wasting space on this blog to write about it.

I received a gift on Tuesday from a dear friend, who had no idea that my world suffered a bit of a hiccup on Monday. Isn't it awesome how your good friends just KNOW (without really knowing ... does that make sense?) ~ anyway, it was the simplest of gifts - packed in a cute envelope and it had a pr of adorable flip flops, a little personalized koozie perfect for my ice-cold Cokes, and a set of napkins that say "When I said I DO doesn't mean I DO EVERYTHING" - how funny is that? BUT what got me was the little note she put into it. There was a scripture and it said this:

'A mirror reflects a man's face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses' ~ Proverbs 27:19

Did that hit a nerve or what? I felt like God was sending me a message that everything was going to be OK! I did pay it forward and send it on ~ and she loved it too. I knew she would!

Here are some pictures of Cameron ~ mostly for my Mom and Dad and Chad's parents ~ yes, he's eating cheesecake for breakfast and yes, I swear he does wear clothes OCCASIONALLY!


Kim said...

like normal - you will rise above!!!

Man, I could kill for a bite of that cheese cake!!