Saturday, April 5, 2008

Project 4302 ~ Brock House

Hello blogworld, I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Shawn:

Not only is she pretty and FUUUNNNYYY, but girl can flat out PAINT! FREE HAND! Just by looking at a picture that I sent her, she started with this:

And added a little bit of that (with me cheering on from the sidelines of course ... errr, the bathroom floor, really):

And then added a splash of blue:

And then some green (with me saying: "Why are you using green?" and Shawn saying "Shut up and go away"**):

A month or so ago, when I started the renovation of Kennedy's room, I told her I wanted to possibly do Cameron's room in pirate theme. Not like Pirates of the Carribbean, but little kid PIRATE! She said "OOHHH, we could paint a treasure map on the wall" ..yeah, you mean YOU can paint a treasure map on the wall! So, 2 days later and lots and lots of laughing (she made me CLEAN - the horror!) and I made her sign a confidentiality agreement so she would not go out and tell everyone how completely FILTHY our house is .... ok,wait, I guess I just told you. HEY, I'm a working Mom ~ they're lucky to get clean underwear! ANYWAY ~ we got this:

HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THIS!? Cameron FINALLY has his complete 'big boy' room. What is so cool is that each of the areas on the map are very personal ~ I love that. The detail is crazy good. There is Lake Pappy, Kennedy's Cove, Mom's Happy Harbor, Daddy's Dunes, Brock Island, Dirty Drake's Drop Off (that's Cam's best buddy), Carroll's Cave, Northern Nana's Coast, Nina's Point, PawPaw's Inlet and at the very top it says "Captain Cameron's Treasure Map" ~ here's a close up:

THEN after much begging and pleading and hanging on to her leg as she was trying to leave, she graciously obliged my wishes and added this:

I think it completely MAKES his room ~ not that the treasure map isn't completely AWESOME, but the palm trees, well, that's just COOL! I begged and pleaded and she was all "Fine whatever, go get me another drink, woman**" .... kidding. Totally kidding.... seriously. SERIOUSLY!

So that's my baby's room and he LA-LA-LA-LOVES it. I am so lucky to have 'my Shawn' as she is a truly WONDERFUL friend, not only because she can paint, she gives reeeeallly great gifts (of you should BE so lucky) but as her and I have both said, It's a GOD THING that has brought us together. We have more fun laughing and goofing off, carrying on, raising money for a charity foundation we are both part of and at the end of the day, after talking to her 30 times, I still call her to see what she is doing. I'm a lucky girl to have such an awesome group of girlfriends. God had truly blessed me with an incredible circle of friends that protect me, cheer me on, call me out, hang with me, SHOP with me, well, you get the picture and each girlfriend has a unique, very special part of my heart. So, with that said, all of you need your very own "Shawn". For those of you local, that know her, ya'll know this chick ROCKS!

**all quotes are property of Natalie Brock and may or may not have been extremely exaggerated to enhance the appearance of Mrs. Brock's need for artistic help in completing her baby boy's room!


strotti said...

AHHH, really you're too, too kind. I wonder if you'll still be singing my praises next week when my bill comes in the mail. Just me some more "malt beverage" and we'll call it even!

Love ya, Brock family.

P.S. That picture of me is TERRIBLE!

Kim said...

OMG - I love it!!!!! AND you didn't even tell me you were doing it! How did you keep that a SECRET!!! Seriously - that is unbelievable!!

Erin said...

That is really awesome Nat, she did a BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! JOB. Hey I need a friend like that. I am about to build and I showed my 2 little one's and they said "hey mom do you have a friend like that?" You could be my friend I live down in New Orleans don't you want to come visit for FREE? We have LOTS of malt liquor. Ha Ha

Rach said...

Love it!!!! That just rocks!

Holly said...

I love it! So cute!