Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking Pilates ... or more like PTTTTTTTTT-lates

So I was invited to take a Pilates class this morning. I first teased and taunted that I couldn't hear my friend on the other end of the phone, kept asking her to repeat and she would .. until she finally realized what I was doing. SO I said 'Yeah, I'll go - always wanted to do it. All the rage with celebrities, so it MUST be good' ... I show up in my super-cute workout clothes and we're late. The room is dark and so I scramble in and get in my place. I did remember an extra towel - thank goodness. I look around and notice there are a lot of more 'mature' women in this class .... I'm talking older than my Mom. So Shawn and I start the class and it immediately is working the abs and I am immediately thinking "WHAT IN THE HECK WAS I THINKING!! I HOPE MY LEG DOESN'T ACCIDENTLY SWING OUT AND KNOCK SHAWN OUT!" ... as I am groaning and moaning through every move, I do realize that it does feel kind of good, you know, the stretching. We did this one move where you had to balance on one side and lift your leg up, touch your nose, bend it backward (kidding) .. well, I couldn't keep my balance ... so then I start laughing ~ that quiet, preacher's praying and you hope everyone just thinks your crying, laughter .... and I could not STOP! We are rolling all over the place and I am flopping all over the place (I am literally doubled over in laughter just typing this). Yes, I did peek several times to see if Shawn was REALLY doing it or I was the only moron in the class that looked like they just walked out of 'clown training 101'. For those of you that read this blog and know Shawn, she is quite flexible. I, on the other hand, am NOT. SO THEN the instructor tells us to sit up straight with our knees to our chest. Wrap our arms around our thighs (just the back of your legs) and you ROLL back and then extend your legs ( see picture above) and then roll forward. This is where I completely lose it ... the old lady behind me POOTS! I mean, POOTS!!! At this point, I'm rolling, laughing, rolling, laughing ... all the while she is rolling, pooting, rolling, pooting (mind you, this is all going on JUST BEHIND MY HEAD). I had to CHOMP on the inside of my mouth to quit laughing ~ the music wasn't that loud either, so they could TOTALLY tell it was me laughing. I'm all trying to act like I'm just breathing hard .. NOT WORKING!! Oh boy ... I think I'll just stick to Body Pump ... I wonder if Jennifer Aniston poots when she does Pilates.


Holly said...

Ha that is too funny!