Thursday, May 8, 2008


So, yeah ~ I got baptized Wednesday night ... and it was AMAZING! I had been baptized when I was 13 ~ 'sprinkled' in the Methodist Church. I knew what it meant, understood it, but really lost sight of it in my 20's. I didn't do anything that would embarrass my parents, but I certainly wasn't living the most 'Christ-like' life either.

For the past several years, I have been trying to 'get back on track'. I've been attending a church that I am IN LOVE with ~ Chad and I attend regularly and even sing on the Worship Team. I've been attending bible studies, reading the bible (slowly ~ but still regularly) and having my 'quiet time'. I felt like there was a block - something that was keeping me from maturing spiritually. I mean, I even pray OUT LOUD -- FOR PEOPLE -- which for those of you that know me, is HUGE! I normally can't make it through without crying my eyes out though. SO anyway, I was speaking with some of my fellow worship team members and was telling them about my concern of this 'spiritual block' and that God kept telling me to 'cleanse' -- so I asked them if that meant that I should get baptized. ABSOLUTELY!! Well, we only baptize on First Wednesday services. April's service went past and sure enough, I was called out as to WHY I wasn't up there. I was scared - nervous - just not sure. I mean, this is personal. But then I realized that this is the most WONDERFUL thing I can do - what a witness to people that you want to tell the world YOU LOVE JESUS CHRIST!! SO, one morning, after I finished working on some homework for a bible study I was taking, I emailed the pastor's assistant and submitted my testimony. Done. Now I HAD to do it. No backing out .... and last night I did it. It was awesome!!

This is where they introduce you and read your testimony. I was NERVOUS but VERY EXCITED. The guy next to me is our Children's Pastor, Pastor Ryan ~ Kennedy loves him b/c she says he looks like Jesus (he does ... )

Cool Action shot ~ he was concerned b/c I was tall and I told him "I NEED TO BE COMPLETELY IMMERSED ~ it is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME" and so he dunked me ..

Coming up -- and yes, I totally feel different!!

I had so much support there - it was great. Kennedy has now started asking questions and wants to be baptized. Although I don't think she is quite ready, I do believe she is ready for the classes. LOVE IT!!


Rach said...

Congrats Natalie--I think that is wonderful!!

Ber said...

I am so proud of you! You have become such a wonderful person and a great Christian. What an example you are leaving for your kids. I love you! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

congrats! That is wonderful and I love that your daughter thinks her pastor looks like Jesus. SO cute!

Faithful Froggers said...

Congratulations!! Such a great update. I enjoyed the pictures and agree with your daughter! :) But what a wonderful "cleansing" experience. May you feel God in all that you do!

Mommy said...

That is awesome! What an example you are setting for your children to be brave and stand up publicly for Christ. And how cool is it to have "Jesus" for your children's pastor? Congrats!