Friday, May 16, 2008

You know you're a redneck, cute shoes and VOTE FOR CHAD!

So this week has been gloomy ~ the weather has been beautiful here (we need SOME RAIN) but since Friday, between Chad and I, we have attended 2 funerals and the "Praise & Prayer" service for Pastor Pollock and his son. The first funeral was last Friday, for Sierra and she was just precious. I knew her all of 30 minutes and absolutely adored her. Her Mom is so sweet and never said "Goodbye" to Sierra, just "We'll see you soon" .... they had a loving tribute to her and we continue to pray for them daily.

Chad had to attend the funeral of a wonderful woman who graced the Earth for 90 years! She is Chad's boss's grandmother and said her funeral was definitely a celebration of her life. He said it really wasn't sad at all!!

The service for Pastor Pollock and Preston was very uplifting. I attended this church when we first moved here. I say "I" because I normally went by myself. Since we started going to The Crossing, we go as a family and that is certainly the way it should be. I still attend bible study at Bell Shoals and am proud to say our community came together like I've never seen. Church pastors from neighboring churches came to pray with people and helped to provide daycare so church members could attend the prayer service. It was very emotional and I cried a lot, but again, like every one has said "We didn't lose them, we know RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE AT" and every one is taking comfort in knowing that.

So it's just been a difficult week ~ but I put my trust in God that he surely knows there is an end in sight and brighter days are ahead. My friend's daughter couldn't understand why we were so upset about Pastor Pollock and Preston. She is so funny and said "You should be happy, they're with Jesus" and you know what ~ she's RIGHT. Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to jerk you back into reality.

I went to the gym this morning to work out after a long, dry spell. I would like to think that I was just so darn busy with work, trying to save the world and single handedly start and not finish a project in each and every room in our house, that I just didn't have time. I took a Body Pump class and oh my ... I guess lying down in the floor, writhing in pain, is NOT considered 'working your abs' .. whatevah! I am going to go back though - got a BIG weekend planned in July and got to be BEACH READY!!

I'll end with a couple pictures b/c who doesn't love a picture of a redneck boy?!?!

Chad took Cameron 'hunting' which means they went out, rode around in the tractor thingy and put out feeders. Cameron dressed himself - camo hat, camo shirt, shorts (hey it's Florida) and cowboy boots .... yes, we did have Chick-fil-A for dinner. I wish it was a publicy held stock because I would own it. We eat there ALL the time. They know me when I pull up - it's ridiculous. BUT I am happy to say I cooked 4/5 nights this week -- GOOD FOOD too and this was Friday Night Mommy's too tired dinner ....

How cute am I? These are my new flip flops. I almost always wear flip flops ... these have a little bow with a rhinestone buckle and an "N" monogrammed on it. CUTE!! I even bought leopard print fabric that I can switch out...... retail therapy is always the BEST therapy!!

Finally, go here and vote for Chad to be in the Top 500 (the station will play the Top 500 over Memorial Day weekend). You can only vote for 10 songs, but make sure you vote for MY MAN!!


Kim said...

Girl - what a rough week!!

Is Cameron on his way to get a NEHI??? He fits in with the picture you and your sister just blogged about on her blog!

Holly said...

Wow that is a lot for one post!

Kim seriously, what the heck do you have against a good Nehi,lol?

Anonymous said...

I know Kim....have you ever had a NEHI? That was like walking to Jerusalem gettin' that Nehi. Don't think I won't hunt some down (as I SURE I could find some in TN) and bring it with me when I come up there!! Shoot...a peach Nehi can't be as bad as that candy corn Jones soda you had at the boys party!! LOL!!!