Thursday, September 4, 2008

Be Still ...

What a crazy week this has been ~ I always enjoy a long weekend, but I seem to feel rushed during the week!!  We had a lazy Labor Day weekend.   I sang for the church youth on Sat night - let me tell you - a room full of 1st-5th graders - HOLY SMOKES! They were on FIRE and it was so great to see these kids excited about Jesus!!  Kennedy was excited she got to sing in the microphone ~ hey, she worked her connection, she's not doing anything she hasn't learned - HA!

Monday morning we had breakfast at the home of our Worship Pastor and his wife ~ who have become very dear friends of ours.  Russ is an A-MAZ-ING singer and his wife is just as good.  We love love love them and enjoy their company.  Russ fixed a COUNTRY BREAKFAST for us on Monday and let me tell you, we had to be ROLLED out of their house ~ it was insane and reminded me of 'home'.   Everything was set up so nicely ~ this was the table:

And the spread of food ~ YUM!

Then we went to Palm Harbor for the rest of the day.  The rest of week has been full of distractions.  I honestly feel like I am just going with the flow - do you ever feel that way?  I'm certainly not feeling I am having any kind of 'impact' on anyone.  Cameron and I have been walking Kennedy to her class every morning and having breakfast with her.  It really is kind of a pain, but Kennedy and Cameron love it and I will go through the 'pain' of having to look presentable at such an early hour in order to spend a few extra minutes with them both.  Today was an overly frustrating day.  Cameron had on a new watch and when we were leaving - ALMOST TO THE CAR - he screamed "MY WATCH" - I knew it was a cheapy and I offered to go to Wal-Mart and buy him another one - he BEGGED to go back and look for it.  We couldn't find it (and here I am in my head thinking "Man, the devil is REALLY trying to get me NOT to go to Bible Study) - it was 8:15, I had to be at Bible Study by 9:30 AND still drop off Cameron - NOT TO MENTION I was not presentable AT ALL.  We found the watch -- IN MY PURSE -- and off to Cam's school we went.   I was mumbling and grumbling, frustrated and RUSHED ~ I turned the corner to Cam's school and this is what I saw:

It spoke so clearly to me.  I dropped off Cameron, went home, got ready to go to Bible Study (I needed to be IN MY CAR by 9:00) ~ and when I picked up my keys, it was 8:59 AM ~ God totally worked it out for me and I knew that he would.   Psalm 46:10 says 'Be still, and know that I am God' ~ that is my problem.  I am never 'still' (and i'm not meaning in the figurative sense) and funny thing is, the bible study I am doing is called "Discerning the Voice of God" - HELLO!!!!  

So I am going to slow down - still tackle all my projects, but the more I try so hard to get them done, the less I get accomplished.  I am going to "Be Still" and listen.  


Shannon said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway!

The Church Lady said...

Being still and listening is what it is all about -- so simple, yet so hard to learn and live.

maitlandmommy said...

hey chickie. It was so nice meeting you last night - we had such a great, relaxing night. Love the blog - A LOT. I think i actually snorted coffee through my nose reading some of your posts about the kids - classic. And, OMG - i didn't knowhtat you knew Rhoda! She and i run in the same website and blog circles - in fact, i bought the desk in my office because SHE did and it looked so cute in her home!

Hugs - Sheri
(V's girlfriend)