Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fasting ...

So I've totally been convicted this weekend at church ~ we have been 'challenged' so to speak, to give up something for 1 week.  Something that is getting 'in the way' of our relationship with God - well that something for me is blogging, blog surfing, internet, internet surfing, facebook, etc etc etc - you get the picture.  I have freely admitted to my husband that being on the internet and reading blogs, etc, has been an 'escape' for me.  WRONG ~ when I really should be turning more to the word of God.  I do have a bible study that I'm doing, but I work on that for just 30 min a day, sometimes cramming in 2 or 3 days in one night - I'm sure I'm not the only one that does it.   Our pastor encouraged us to follow simple 'steps' to help handle whatever it is that has a stronghold ~ I worry about money.  A LOT and the thing is, we really haven't been affected by the change in economy much except for gas prices.  Yes, I'm in the real estate industry, but by following a strict 'debt diet' - we have managed to pay off such a huge bulk of debt that when my income dramatically decreased (I'm talking MASSIVE) ~ it really didn't affect us much ~ and I know that I am TRULY blessed to be in that position.  Chad has a wonderful job that I pray he will stay in until he retires, I have wonderful opportunities every day and the hours that I spend 'wasting away on the internet' literally are eating me ALIVE ~ SO, for the next week, I'm taking a break.  I will check my email, but only because of work related and I'm co-chairing a big charity event and feel like that needs to be the focus on my attention.  

I have so much to post too - but I look forward to this break, to getting things done and to fully engrossing myself in the WORD - oh and I PROMISE to post pictures of my finished kitchen b/c it is DONE!! FINITO!!  


Shawn said...

I am so proud of you!


I saw the conviction come across your face while sitting with you Sunday. This will be a challenge for you but I know you will succeed. After this week is over you may even find that you really don't need as much screen time as you thought you did!