Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can't stop 'til I get enough ....

or is it 'Don't stop 'til you get enough?' -- all the same, you will now have that song planted firmly in your head for a while.

The bathroom remodel is under way!  We were having MAJOR issues in our guest bathroom and honestly, this is something that needed to be done.  The tile was cracking (it was just installed poorly) and honestly, I had 'tried' to repair some drywall myself and it looked REALLY bad.  SO, as usual, we got all the tile on clearance of the clearance and called our friend that owns a construction company to see if he had workers that were free.  He did and because he is an AWESOME guy, he is doing it just to keep them working so they can feed their families and is not making any $$ on the project .... well, I'm sure he's making SOMETHING, but it can't be much b/c he is supplying some materials and he's charging us hardly ANYTHING for the labor.  I had to make sure it was for 2 bathrooms and not just one that he was quoting me and sooooo here we are today.  ANYWAY, I was THRILLED with the price and prayed that if we were meant to have this done (seriously, I prayed about the decision - because this isn't something we HAD to do, but it would need to be done EVENTUALLY).  Obviously, it's meant to be.  Here we are today:

Kid's jack & jill bath (before):

I am keeping the wall color green and we are tiling the shower in a 12x12 tile and then tiling around to the chair rail and going down.  They are going to carry the tile over to where the sinks are and tile from the chair rail down and try to cover up where the granite we had installed 2 yrs ago does not come up high enough (to cover where our old formica was).  I tried to fix it, but again, I do not ever need to go into the construction business.  It is just a shower in there, so we're going to hang a white shower curtain and then possibly make a valance out of the fabric I have left over from the kid's playroom - so it will all F-L-O-W ..... something I have been working on for 3 yrs!!

Guest Bathroom (before):

This has been my favorite bathroom for a while.  I love the 'cottage beach' feel to it.  Again, the chair rail that you see was to cover up where we removed an old formica countertop.  I picked out a 3x6 tumbled stone and a 1x1 tumbled stone to use as the listello.  They are going to tile a 3" listello with the 1x1.  THEN they are going to start where the TOP of the chair rail is and go down with the 3x6 ~ we are going to put a 3" listello there as well, then top it off with a cream travertine pencil ledge.  It's going to be BEAUTIFUL! I can not wait!!   

This is where they are going with the guest bathroom!  Isn't it AWESOME!??!  They will be done tomorrow or Thursday but let me tell you, he is ROLLING through it.  I think they will finish the kid's bathroom shower section (and there are just 2 guys!!).  I can't wait to get this tile sealed - it's just going to be gorgeous!!  
So once I get done with this, I'll just need to DECORATE!!  I have a few people helping me, thank goodness.  I don't know where to go or how to go about it, so I enlist my friends.  I don't think they mind!

***** END OF DAY PHOTOS *****
Guest Bathroom --- the tile wraps ALLLLLL the way around and covers up my very 'poor' job of drywall repair!  YEAH!!  Bonus: the grout lines are VERY SMALL!!!  AND we are using a dark brown grout.
Kids bathroom:

This bathroom has been my nemesis since the day we moved in.  It doesn't have a tub so we've had to work with it just being a shower.  My kids only shower as it is, so it's not an issue.  The issue has been there is no door (it broke) so we are having it built up to accomodate for a shower curtain.  


Kim said...

It looks fab-U-lous!! I can't wait to see it all!

Kelly said...

NATALIE......I got the cutest package in the entire world today!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! We are leaving to go out of town this minute but I'm putting it on my blog when I get back and sending you a thank you note. You didn't need to do that. The outfits are PRECIOUS and the frame is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!