Thursday, June 17, 2010

"See You Later" Party

I do not have pictures because I can not find my camera cord just yet, but my BFF Shawn just did a post about our "See You Later" party ~ head on over to her blog to check it out. We had an off-the-chain amazing party hosted by Shawn and my other blogless BFFs Amber, Shannon, Bebe and Dawn.

Will be sure to post pictures as SOON as I get them : I'm looking at you, Amber & Torrie!


Sassy In The South said...

What sweet friends! The signs are cracking me up, and the slide looks like something that all of the kids enjoyed! Glad you all enjoyed time with your friends before making the final move to GA!

Lauren Kelly said...

So sweet Natalie!!!!! Ya’ll are so loved. Excited for you and this new adventure God has you on!!! :)

Samma said...

I love all the signs, and that waterslide looks AWESOME!

Shawn said...

I'm waiting for pictures too!




Still waiting!

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes I know everyone is waiting for pics! I will have them up this weekend. It was a wonderful party with great friends!


prashant said...

I'm waiting for pictures too!
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