Monday, July 16, 2007

My kid(s) can SO swim ~ Part TWO!

Pappy, Kennedy and Cameron
Kennedy and Cameron - JUMPING IN - NO FEAR!!!
Kick Kick Kick!!

Sunday afternoon was quite dull at the Brock house. Daddy was gone, doing what Daddy does best - hunting - and so I decided to let the kids swim - little did I know this would be a 7 hr ordeal! My Dad came in town this weekend and the kids were swimming so he decided to swim with them for a little bit - he even missed the NASCAR race to hang with them!! Anyway, Dad was determined to get Cameron swimming, so he gave him this little float ring and off my kid went - as you can see from the pictures - he has NO FEAR of the water - actually, after I had to jump in - fully clothed - because Cameron had wiggled out of his float and flipped over - we put a vest on him and then lodged the ring around him -- that made him REALLY confident. They swam for 6 1/2 hours! Kennedy crashed like a true BELL girl and Cameron - well, no, Cameron stayed up until almost 10:30 pm - guess he was overstimulated! BUT we had a blast and to top off the day - Cameron pee-pee'd in the potty TWO TIMES!!! WOO HOO - GO CAMERON!

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kim said...

First of all - I love Kennedy's expression with that jump!!! Second - I'm soooo jealous of the potty thing!!!