Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girls Weekend at The Ritz Carlton ~ Orlando

What happens when you take 8 friends and throw them together in 2 CLUB LEVEL rooms at the Ritz Carlton for a night? WE'LL NEVER TELL - but we had a BLAST and made many memories! We all went in celebration of Stacey and Shannon's birthday and decided that we would need to take a tour of all the Ritz Carlton hotels in Florida. Next stop - Sarasota! Hope they are stocked up on food and drinks because it's all you can eat on the club level and we DEFINITELY took advantage of that! The pool was phenomenal, we learned 2 new words - scrumpetts, striplets or something like that and loquacious (to be chatty). SO MUCH FUN!!! I myself had an incredible time and made 2 new friends that I know I'll be friends with forever! I think I laughed more in the last 24 hrs than I have in a really long time! THANK YOU girls -- it was so much fun and I look forward to our next adventure!