Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a difference a day makes!

End of Day ONE
Where's the potty? Dang, my house looks good at night!

The end of day one and they are DONE with the shower! This is just a 'rough draft' as they still have to grout and seal. They will work on the tub and the floor tomorrow, grout and seal! I am so excited ~ I'm beside myself!!

I have also attached a picture of the front of the house -- just for Rachel Spence. It is a "Where's Waldo" but we have hidden the toilet! Yes, my toilet is in the front yard of my house ~ you guys have your kids and their diapers and crunked up sprinklers - I got toilets!


Rachel said...

Like I can't see it smack on the front porch!! =) to each their own--I'll stick with my jacked sprinkler and you stick with your front yard potty! hahaha

KIM said...


Anonymous said...

Didn't you live in Tennessee???

Jenn said...

I have a stupid question...on the before picture I see a towel holder IN the shower?? What sense does that make?? Your shower looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

that is the perks to living so close to cuba!!! those cubans are quick and cheap!!!