Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Brocks have OFFICIALLY lost their minds!

Family room
Part of kitchen area
Our 'stuff' ~ outside on the lanai
You know I couldn't leave out a potty picture! This is the playroom.

Yep! We couldn't just let it be.... once we got our bathroom done, we got a deal too good to be true to replace all the flooring in our house (well, almost all of it). It's a good thing because we have some pretty nasty cracks that we are having repaired while we are at it. I am so excited ~ it's going to be beautiful! They came in and made a complete WRECK of our house today, but they cleaned it all up. Tile will go down tomorrow, grout on Thursday and finish on Friday! The best part is now I can finally paint behind all toilets!


Kim said...

looks like someone already had an accident and missed the "potty"

Leslie (Lester) Woods said...

y'all are no doubt crazy! I miss you!