Monday, February 4, 2008


Kennedy and her best friend, Madison (This is MY best friend's daughter ~ cute huh?)

Kennedy and me in our seats (VERY good seats) AND I've decided that I need bangs

My baby .....

The one -- The ONLY --- BILLY RAY CYRUS (or Miley's Daddy as Kennedy says) ~ I took this from our seat.

Yes, we survived. After a broken arm and rushing around like a mad woman, we made it to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Tour ~ or as I like to call it "The Let's see how much money we can make Mommy spend OUT of her budget tour" ... dinner was insanely expensive (of which we only got to eat 2 bites because of TRAFFIC) but the concert was great. I was a little surprised at how many songs Kennedy knew -- ALL OF THEM -- except Miley's cover of "I love Rock 'n Roll" in which my girlfriend Lara and I jumped up and sang! HA! It was a nice evening with GREAT friends .... and fun to spend some time with my baby girl!


Ber said...

I love the picture of the girls!! That is going up in Madison's room!!!!