Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look what came yesterday!

I have been looking and searching for a table of some kind to put in between my couch and leather chair. At the time, I was not one of those people that could see something 'old' and make it look shabby chic (the 'majority' style of my house) ... SO I wanted something that would last me FOR-EVAH. When I was visiting my sister over Thanksgiving, she had the prettiest round end table and I KNEW that was the missing piece. I went home to see if I could order it through our Direct Buy membership (we bought this and yes, it is completely worth it -- IF YOU USE IT!!!) ~ and I ended up saving so much money that I was able to get the matching sofa table as well. It's not in yet, but I will certainly put pictures up when it comes in. The table is by Hooker Furniture and Chad has even said 'I REALLY like that table!' -- he had it all taken out and put up by the time I got home from work yesterday! I love it's rustic look and it matches my kitchen table PERFECTLY (also by Hooker and also a total copy of my sister). As soon as I get this place DONE, I'll post a mini-home tour for those of you that refuse to go south!! Yes Kim Wheeler -- I'm talking to you -- but you have been pregnant for 25 yrs, so I'll let you slide.

Also, our friend came by and started putting up the cabinet doors for me. I have been begging for cabinet doors for quite some time. Chad is the spokesperson for a major cabinet/flooring supplier here in town, so you would think we would have it done by now ... BUT no. Anyway, Matt is a hunting buddy of Chad's, that also happens to own a cabinet shop. He was over for dinner one night with his son, McKenzie (Kennedy's future husband). After a couple glasses of wine, he agreed to make some cabinet doors for me. That was 4 mths ago .... considering we are getting this for next to nothin' ~ I didn't say much. We are on a budget (yes, I said that horrid word) and trying to pay off the last bit of this construction company debt, so I will not argue with FREE. Anyway, he couldn't finish putting them up, but at least the frames are in - they are MUCH nicer than what I thought he was going to do. WAIT UNTIL you see the doors!! OMG - I have to get some groovy beach-themed knobs. Just wanted to give a sneak peek at the play room (yes, that is a Kim Wheeler o-riginal - LOVES IT!). Yes, that is all kinds of junk in those cabinets. THAT is why I'm getting cabinet doors. It is the kids play room and Chad has 7 million movies, so I put them all in there. It is a shabby beach theme -- being that I have a boy and a girl, I had to be neutral. I love it though -- just need to get some inspiration for this one wall that is LARGE and needs to be filled!! Kim, can you please paint me a giant surfboard??? Better yet, why don't you just come on down and paint a mural on that wall -- YEAH, a mural!! Will post again when it's done!! YEE HAW!!!

PS ~ Can someone please send some sunshine?? I feel like we live in Seattle with all this RAIN!!

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Rachel said...

Yeah Kim get down there and paint a mural of a surfboard on that wall---I agree it would look super cool! =)

Kim said...

You guys are nuttz!! I can't paint anything that big!!! But I will come down to use your pool and Florida property!!! After I have this LAST kidlet!!!