Sunday, March 30, 2008

~ 2008 American National Championships ~

This weekend we went to Orlando for the 2008 American National Championships! The girls did FANTASTIC and brought home 3rd place! Kennedy was so excited to get another trophy and finish off their year!!

Kennedy is on the left (she's got the spotter right behind her).

One "cool" cheerleader

Kennedy and her friend Lexi

This was our "water front view" at the hotel ~ HA!

Fun on Saturday night ~ we took the girls bowling!


One VERY happy cheerleader and YES, that trophy is taller than her!!

It was such a long weekend packed into a short amount of time. Every time something would happen, my friends would say "Is this going to end up on your blog?" ~ uhhh YES! We arrived at the hotel around 9:30 and the whole reason I picked the hotel was because it was only 4 miles from the convention center AND it had free continental breakfast. Well, that breakfast was served from 7-10 and we had to be at the convention ctr at 6:30 both days. Some other things that happened:

  • On Sat at the convention ctr, I went to the bathroom. I walked in and actually said out loud "Oh, it's kind of dark in here!" and at that time I rounded the corner (I was PHYSICALLY inside the bathroom area) and there were rows of urinals. Before I realized I WAS IN THE MEN'S BATHROOM, I actually thought to myself 'Why are there urinals in here?' and then I realized I was in the wrong bathroom. I quickly hightailed it out of there and a guy was walking in. He stopped, stepped back 2 feet and I quickly said 'YOU are in the right place, I am NOT!'
  • We were 'forced' to eat at Denny's Friday night for dinner. Forced as in we were starving, it was almost 10pm and we had to get up at 5:30 the next morning. It was open and we were hungry. Have ya'll ever eaten at Denny's on a Friday night in a large, touristy area? Quite the sites, let me tell you. The girls (Kennedy and Madelynn) were acting like crazy people and nearly forced me to drink.
  • I believe there are only 4 roads in Orlando ~ International Blvd, Kirkman Rd, Vineland and Sand Lake Rd ... every turn we took, we ended up on ONE of these roads.
  • There was KILLER DRAGONFLY (according to Kennedy) at the pool (I use the term 'pool' VERY loosely) and Kennedy about flipped out -- I was so embarrassed. Good thing we were the only ones there!

We're back and exhausted but it was fun. We are going to take a year off from cheerleading and just work on tumbling with Kennedy. I need to give my checkbook time to recover!

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Rach said...

Ok look at you 2 posing in that one picture. That is just too cute!!

Holly said...

Too funny about you going in the wrong bathroom.

Glad you all had fun. We just got through witgh our year off from cheering. I think my girls will start back up before summer is over.

Kim said...

First off - love those "chicken legs" in the bowling picture - Go eat a hamburger Fatty!! I don't ever want to hear you say anything about working out!!!

I would have paid "big" money to see the bathroom scene!

By the way, is that a swamp??

And the free breakfast --- that is what you get for trying to come out sooo cheap!! hahaha

you just crack me up!!

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