Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 Christmas

Yes, I'm posting this for all the world to see, but I sent out so many cards, you're probably bound to see one anyway!  

There are just 9 shopping days left -- I am done, except for a few stocking stuffers and one gift for a friend, other than that, FINITO! I actually start shopping as soon as the year starts -- I buy a lot of stuff on sale, sale, sale and then store it all in a large Rubbermaid container -- I put everything in there, birthday gifts, whatever -- that way I'm almost always covered! PLUS it saves me MONEY!  

Chad and I taped our testimony (or 'our story' as I like to call it) today for our church service this weekend.  It's a good story, and a great testimony, most of my friends know how we ended here -- basically we talked about how God provided peace during difficult and confusing times.  Hopefully I'll be able to post the video after the services this weekend.  We are quite the 'not serious' couple -- I remember when he told me we were moving to Ocala and I said 'WHAT?!!  What's in Ocala besides HORSES!?!' and then realized that we were moving away from all that I have EVER known, lived NEXT door to my twin sister (literally -- comes in handy when a tornado passes through your town) and just 2 hrs from both sets of our parents - it was quite eye opening and boy, was I struck with fear, but God displaced that fear and worry with peace.  SO when we were talking about this today, it does show that I'm just all about living life in laughter.  Seriously, when you're down so low, the only way you can go is sideways, what else can you do but laugh!?!?  

I did enjoy our time in Ocala -- it was a short 6 mths -- but the Lord called us here and I couldn't be happier.  I remember when Chad told me "Well, I think we're moving to Tampa" and I FLIPPED OUT again -- I had finally started to settle in Ocala, make friends, start building our dream home (total GOD THING that didn't work out) -- so off we went again and now 3 yrs later, we feel like we are "HOME".  I have made some of the most wonderful, amazing friends and people that I know we will be friends with for a lifetime.  I'm lucky to now have my best friend of 22 yrs living just a short 30 minutes from me now.  I do miss my family in Atlanta miserably, but they understand this is where we are meant to be.  

Phillipians 4:4-7 has been weighing heavy on me -- it's what we are living, and what we lived back in 2005 when we were making the decision to stay, go, whatever --  I encourage you to read it if you are going through a troubling time -- know that the Lord is with you and he is FOR YOU -- nothing is bigger than God.   When Chad and I were struggling with our decisions, it was like God was saying "I got this .... go" and here we are .... and we couldn't be happier.


Kim said...

Yeah - I remember when you told me you were moving! I think I said, "WHAT?!"

Anonymous said...

It's not from the bible ( Mary Englebright actually) but every time Craig and I moved .I kept hearing my Mom's favorite quote of " Bloom where you're planted " ....that quote and GOD has always served me well, and obviously you too :) remember GOD is good .... ALL the time