Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lunch at The Barn

I had the opportunity to have lunch at this really cool place in Lake Alfred, FL called 'The Barn' -- it is really a neat place and me, Stacey, and Shannon had a GREAT time! You go in, sit wherever you'd like, then you get a piece of paper with all of your choices for lunch. I had a "Christmas Beef Sandwich" which was roast beef, cranberry horseradish mayo (with REAL cranberries) on a croissant. It was SO good.   This is how they serve it to you:

I made Shannon take this picture of me and Stacey out in front ~ it couldn't have been a more PERFECT day!
THEN we went lookin' at all the Christmas stuff that was in 2 different 'barns' on either side of the restaurant -- this place was PACKED to the gills with Christmas decorations that were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Each little section had it's own theme -- it really made me feel inadequate in regards to my decorations, but I'll just have to add a little each year.   This was my favorite - cream and serene ......

Shannon showing off one of the BEAUTIFUL Christmas trees -- she doesn't dress like this all the time - we were on a time limit and she had to teach an aerobics class that morning, and well, Stacey and I decided we would rather shower and go as opposed to take a class and go ...

This was beautiful as well -- we all decided that when we retire, we're going to have Christmas in a cabin .... and this is how we want it decorated:

BEAUTIFUL deer ornament

This was a table as you entered one area of The Barn -- I love it.  It was all creams and whites and greens!   Look at that tablecloth!  We couldn't find a price, which probably means EXPENSIVE!

I did buy a beautiful candelabra there that hangs from the ceiling, but also doubles as a tabletop fixture.  I will post a picture of that tomorrow.  It was a STEAL!!


My Beautiful Mess! said...

I know it well! It's a great place to shop & eat!!