Monday, December 22, 2008

Another CUTE decorating idea

I was dropping my kid off at our friend's house, and was in AWE of their Christmas decorations -- seriously, it looks like Christmas threw up in their house -- JUST BEAUTIFUL! I proclaimed I was not worthy several times and then put several of the ideas in my mental rolodex. I DID tell her "I am stealing these ideas -- you will see them at my house" -- so it's not like they are going to come over and say "YOU stole our ideas!" -- I mean, I did tell her. ANYWAY, y'all probably won't even like this idea and I'm all stoked about it -- I digress ... here it is:

They had all different size ornaments, but I was only at Target and so I found a set that I liked (and were on sale).  Basically, I just took the ornament, put ribbon through it and used my handy-dandy upholstery tacks to stick them up there -- the tacks leave a hole so small, you can't see it, so I like this option.  I am going to hang ornaments like this over another archway we have in our house -- but this is right at the entrance.  I LOVE IT!  It may be a little late for you this year, but most definitely next year!



Shawn said...

I Love it!

I use to do a similar thing until I dropped 2 of my huge ornaments ~ bummer ~ then added iron to the cut outs so now there's no room.

Looks great sista!

AndreaLeigh said...

cute! I hung our mistletoe up like this, and then used ribbon to hang ornaments from the light fixtures in the kitchen.