Monday, November 12, 2007

For a dog that we didn't think could jump on the bed, he sure fooled us!

I bought them flutes ~ at the dollar store ~ because I am the coolest mom EVER!

and they will probably get lead, GHB, rat poop or some kind of poisoning for blowing on these things ... .DADDY LOVES THEM!!!

Here are a couple pics I took this weekend. Yes, Cameron still drinks a bottle, but only at night. I kind of equate it to drinking coffee in the morning or a glass of warm milk before bed (who does that anyway?) - it calms him and well, he doesn't drink from a sippy cup. It's all or nothing. He drinks from a regular cup during the day, plus I will delete any negative comments about his bottle as I was hesistant to even post the picture ... but he's my baby and well, how many kids go to high school with a bottle?

Then I was at the Dollar Store and found a set of 2 flute/clarinet things ... hmmmmm, we NEED those. Chad has about broken them twice. They keep disappearing and reappearing .... maybe they will travel to Atlanta and stay there (insert big cheesy grin here).

Friday night we went to The Fisherman's Ball which benefitted the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Unfortunately, we saw way too many people there that we knew that had been affected by Pediatric Cancer. It was nice to see some familiar faces because we were WAAAAY far away from home and was glad to see our friends had traveled WAAAAY far away from their homes as well. There were lots of people there with VERY deep pockets -- we were not some of them -- but we did come home with an autographed NCAA basketball ~ signed by Billy Donovan. I kept telling Chad "But it's not a football" .. in which his response was "I don't care, it's Gators and it is for the children" .. God I love his heart. Earlier in the day he was at McDill Air Force Base for the Annual Regatta and he is always a mess when he gets back from there - ready to enlist and go blow things up.

I ask that you keep me in your prayers this week as we make the final preparations for The 2nd Annual Evening of Hope. I, along with my very dear friend, Shawn Trotti, are the co-chairs of the event and well, we're almost there. I'll make sure to post some pictures Sunday .. OH, SUNDAY ... Kennedy's dress rehearsal for competition cheerleading. GO SHARK PUPS!!

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Jenn said...

I dare you to bring those flutes up here.