Sunday, November 25, 2007

We are BACK!!

This is what time we left for shopping!

Leaving Chick-fil-A

Going out ...

Wouldn't you want to hit on us?? See story below!

This is why you DON'T hit on us ....

Just pulling out of the driveway ...
On the highway ....

Gone in 60 seconds ...

Both of them ... Daddy and I got to listen to OUR music!!

Cameron and Pappy (my dad)

*** My pictures are out of order and I don't know how to fix it ***

Ok, first things first ~ the 2nd Annual Evening of Hope was a complete success. We don't have final figures yet, but we do know that it is MORE than last year and we 'think' it is significantly more than last year. We have been getting tons of response and wonderful letters, plus Shawn and I have been asked to chair it next year. You can here to check out some of the pictures of the EVENING!

We left for Atlanta on Tuesday ~ for those of you that know me, know I was chomping at the bit to go. I must have said 100x "We're going to hit traffic and it will be 8:00 before we get there". Chad's ratings came out, so he had to stay for that - they were high and crushing the competition, as usual ~ so off we go. PACKED into Chad's truck (that got VERY GOOD gas mileage I might add) and heading north - wouldn't you know we freaking hit traffic not even before Land O' Lakes?? I know, let's do road construction on one of the busiest traveling weeks of the year .. DUH!! Anyway, we finally got there .... at 8:00pm ... and my best friend Amber and her family were also up for the night on their way to North Georgia (they are from Orlando). It was nice to visit, albeit brief, but good to see them all the same.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and boy am I thankful for my Dad's health. We took a family picture and I was looking at it on the way home and thought "Dang, he looks good for all that he has been through!" .... Jenn and I went shopping at the buttcrack of dawn and my girlfriends from Tampa were texting me that they were out too - CRAZY girls! We hit Kohl's first for the toys and then headed to where else, Chick-fil-A to grab some liquid energy, and then off to Toys R Us -- stupid. I walked in, turned around and walked out. YOU COULD NOT EVEN MOVE!! SO, we went over to Macy's where it was a complete bust, except for the BLACK trouser socks I bought because I could hear Shawn Trotti in my ear like a little guardian angel saying "You really don't have white socks on with your black ankle boots, do you Nat??" ~ I just didn't think the sales were good enough. Honestly, Shannon and I went shopping last week and the sales were better. Finally, we hit Target (SCORE!!) and then we decided to head on down to Cumberland Mall .... where we had a little bit of success. We went home and grabbed the girls from my Mom and then went and slept at Jenn's house. THEN that night we went out with my dear dear friend Courtney. She is beautiful, inside and out, and short of sounding cocky, we were definitely the eye candy in this one place called Hemingway's. We were in downtown Marietta and the girls were ... well, rough. I had been there before when I lived over that way and only remember their fantastic cheesburgers, but boy does it change after dark. They had a band playing and Chad was itching to fight someone. Not sure why, he hadn't even been drinking, but he said he didn't like the way guys were just STARING at us. SO, to make matters worse, this 5'4" joker in a leather bomber jacket walks up to me and says "So, are you guys married?" and I said "Yes" .. and he said 'I thought so, I wanted to come over and give you married girls some play so you felt good about yourselves" ... surely he was joking. I leaned into him and told him that obviously he couldn't seethat we were with our husbands, we were 'good' and that he needed to leave. He kept talking and I just put my hand in his face and said "Bye Bye" ... I had my hand on Chad's other leg to keep him from getting up ... he was ready to send the guy on his way IN HIS OWN WAY!! We left shortly after and headed back to my sister's.

Finally we are home -- I missed my bed, the weather here and my friends, but I was so happy to finally spend some time with my parents and my sister, as well as Courtney. I don't get to see them nearly enough and TRUST me, I gave everyone grief about traveling to Florida ~ esp my mom, who I know reads this. SO MOM, I will tell you, Cameron asked about 'Nina and Pappy' all the way home. When are you coming?

Today we are putting up the Christmas tree and getting the house decorated for Christmas!!