Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm still alive .... barely

I have been keeping a mental list of all the things Cameron has done since Chad has been out of town ... wait until ya'll see it. I will not post it until Daddy is safely home ... which will be LAAAAAAATTTEEEE Wednesday night. Hopefully, I will have a voice (not strained from YELLING "CAMERON - DON'T!!!) ... and Chad says to me on the phone "He doesn't do that when I'm home" ... yeah, I know, because I try to MULTI-TASK and do other things .... and all the things that have happened, literally, have happened within 2 sec of me 'stepping away' to put a load of laundry in the washer, take a folded load of laundry into it's respective room, take the dog out, pee, cook dinner, make the bed, put away laundry, sweep, vaccuum, mop (with my NEW BAD BOY MOP Shannon Gordon found for us!!!), work, plan an event for 300 people, you know - KEEP UP A HOUSEHOLD?!??! Stay tuned ...