Sunday, November 11, 2007

While Daddy was gone ...

OK, here are all the things Cameron did while Chad was gone:

  • shaved his head ~ again
  • fell getting out of the bath tub and gave himself a black eye
  • fell in the shower (due to emptying out my ENTIRE bottle of conditioner and slipping) and gave himself ANOTHER black eye
  • fed Roscoe 1 lb of Publix chicken tenders .... it was our dinner
  • fed Roscoe an entire Rotisserie chicken .... I discovered it within 15 sec of it happening, but I refuse to eat after the dog .. again, it was our dinner
  • threw Kennedy's video game in the pool = ruined
  • let the dog out, who then chased a cat ALMOST out of the neighborhood, thank GOD we're gated
  • painted the wall in my bedroom with a small tube of puffy paint that KEEPS reappearing even though I know I have thrown it away 4 times
  • colored my kitchen cabinet with a sharpie ... thank you Magic Eraser
  • painted himself and a portion of a wall with DAP spackling

That's all I can remember for now and no kidding, all of this stuff happened just by me leaving him for a mere 20-30 seconds, if that. For instance, I sat down, LITERALLY, sat down to read the paper and 15 seconds into it, he comes running in covered in spackling that I had JUST placed on a very high cabinet ... that joker must have been watching me because he pushed a chair over to it, got it down and went town. I know this is God's funny joke on me for whatever I did in my former life. BUT ... let me say this, with all the things he does, here is my list of things that he does that I absolutely LOVE:

  • happy, every single morning when he wakes up
  • he snuggles with me at night and will rub my face in the morning if he should wake up before me (considering he comes and gets in the bed with us every night .... and I will never deny him of that because one day he will want NOTHING to do with me )
  • that he is a BOY ... through and through .. there is absolutely NOTHING sissy about him
  • he will pick up crabs on the beach, they will pinch him, he will throw them on the ground and pick up another one
  • his teachers and all the girls at his school ADORE him
  • he says 'tar' for 'car' and I think it's so cute
  • he will grab both sides of your face and lay a kiss on you and say "love you"
  • the faces he makes .... anytime he is about to get in trouble or is just trying to be funny
  • his red hair

So Chad is home and we are leaving for Atlanta on Nov 20 ~ but we have a BIG event coming up this weekend .. The Evening of Hope. I'm chairing it, along with my great friend, Shawn Trotti. We are quite the power house, I must say, but I'm glad it's almost over.